Bachelor Nick Week 6

This week I have no words and all the words. This show is absurd, and these tweets say it all.

Here it goes anyway.

  • “Open your eyeballs” Nick.
  • Watching Corinne’s reaction while Taylor was talking to Nick was great.
  • Did Nick not hear anything that Taylor said about Corinne? What potential do you see?
  • I think Corinne is always having her own personal cocktail hour.
  • I am ok with everyone he sent home.
  • I think Jaimi will be on Paradise, and maybe Alexis too.
  • Oh the Virgin Islands. I went to the British Virgin Islands when I was in high school, and I want to go back so badly!
  • Why are they screaming out the balcony at Nick’s plane? He cannot hear you.
  • Kristina is gorgeous.
  • How is Corinne able to function taking care of other human beings?
  • I don’t even know what to say about Kristina. No wonder she is a more quiet person in attempts to shield herself, that is a lot to live through.
  • I would not want to play volleyball in a bikini
  • Wow they all got dramatic about this volleyball game and competing for time.
  • YOU ALL SIGNED UP FOR THIS:  for a reality competition on love….This cryfest is silly.
  • This show makes people get ridiculous.
  • Jazmine, you are still there so you are getting reassurance. She won’t stop talking.
  • She is losing it as she is talking with Nick.
  • No surprise that he is sending her home. Why would she do the “chokie?”
  • Did I miss him giving Raven the rose at the group date?
  • This is an interesting 2 on 1 date. I think they both go home. Whitney is going for sure. I didn’t even know her name until this episode.
  • I can respect that Nick tries to keep every rejection between him and the woman.
  • They really like leaving women stranded on beaches.
  • Why is Whitney now bashing Danielle? Weren’t they friends before that?
  • No that wasn’t a great first date, Danielle. It was a tour of all Nick’s past relationships.
  • Danielle, you aren’t on the same page. The music tells it all.
  • I knew he was sending them both home.
  • Nick is in his head.
  • Wait, WHAT?
  • He can’t keep doing this??? What does that even mean? You are the one that keeps coming back to this ridiculous show! I’m going to need you to pull it together and not sound like you are drunk every time you open your mouth.

Favorites:   Rachel and Vanessa

These recap chats have become almost better than the show itself. Melissa Rycroft is one of my favorite contestants!

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