June Goals

I really enjoyed myself this last month. It’s always good to reflect on yourself and make sure you are enjoying life. Isn’t that what birthdays are for?

Anyway, I think I also did some damage to my goals…in a good way.

 Recap on my May goals

  • Fitness-get at least one day with 25,000 steps. I got this the first weekend! Then my steps when downhill from there, but I did get it that one time!
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in our bedroom-Friends! We finally got these up. This picture doesn’t do the room justice on the change it made. It only took us 5 months…
  • 0531162059
    • Get the basement visitor ready-We got this mostly done. We have to hang the shower curtain in the bathroom, but we cleaned out a lot of the construction trash and straightened up and organized things . So I would say this is progress!
    • Put in flower beds off our porch-This didn’t happen yet. One it has rained a lot this month which makes any project difficult. And two we have changed our minds several times on how we want to lay it out once we saw how we may use it with friends over. So we may wait a little longer to see if there are any other tweaks to our design we want to make to make sure it is fully functionally for what we need.
    • Dig up flowers to put in tree beds-I blame it on the rain and the fact that Tom and I had almost no days off that were the same this month. So no we did not do this.
    • Tear down the creeper shed-Can I blame it on the rain again? I think this is just going to be put on the back burner until we have some other yard projects done. Until then we will use it to get some aggression out when needed. 
  • Something with George-Have a play-date with one of my mom friends. We did have some friends over who have an almost toddler. While it wasn’t a mom date since our hubbies were there, I think having another kid over for George was good for him. We also had Tom’s entire squad and their families over for a BBQ, so he got to interact with a lot of kids then too. He is really jealous of sharing Mom and Dad, so I think all this interaction on his own turf is good for him.
  • Something with Tom-Go to the restaurant in our little town. We did not do this. Other than my birthday weekend, we didn’t have any weekends off together. 
  • Something for me-Blog about my favorite things. I am actually really surprised I did as many as I did. I hope you all enjoyed it because it was great for me to be in this space every day. 

Not so bad. About 50/50. Let’s see what I can do this month.

June Goals

  •  Fitness-
    • I found some BodyPump videos that I want to try out. I miss BodyPump so my goal is to do it once a weekend.
    • Go through Jessica Smith’s Walk-a-Thon twice. There are 8 videos, so I think this is completely doable right?
  • House Tasks-
    • Finish Living Room Wall-I have a gallery wall I want to do, but we have to make one thing before that can be finished. Pallet boards are in my future!
    • Fix the flower beds around the trees-we have to do something new. THe rocks are not working out with the lawn mower
    • Get the basement visitor ready-We just need to top off the bathroom!
    • Clean the craft room-This seriously needs to happen. I want to make things!
  • Something with George
    • George starts swim lessons this month. (I know! How can he be old enough for that business?) We were gifted a blow up pool, so my goal is to get that out this month.
    • I also want to get out the bubbles. I think he is old enough now to actually enjoy them more, so it is time to play!
  • Something with Tom-We celebrate our anniversary this month. Even though it is Year FIVE, we just want to do something simple. We want to go to a dinner and a movie.
  • Something for me-I am going to be very vague here, but there are some things that I need to do this month for me. Tom’s pep talk to me was “If you can birth a baby out of your vagina, you can do this.” Yep. That’s it. I just need to have the confidence to advocate for myself this month.




3 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. We have a creeper shed too! it needs to GOOOO. I also need to get my craft room going. My father in law has to put the desk together in there, since he gave it to us and there are no instructions. He will be here this week. So hopefully next week! We were gifted a pool and I need to find the motivation to put it up, too.

  2. I LOVED reading all of your “my favorite ____” posts… so much! My birthday is next month, and I’m considering writing a few of my own!

    Good luck with your June goals. I also want to have more playdates to get interaction for Annabelle, but there aren’t many people with kiddos at this base, it seems.

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