My Favorite TV Shows

This is the hardest favorites list to narrow down.

I get hooked on TV shows really easily, and there are a lot of shows that I love like Veronica Mars, Bones, and Once Upon a Time. But when it comes down to it, these are shows that I could watch over and over again and never get bored. I actually own the DVD sets of all of these except one.

  • Gilmore Girls
    • This is a show that touches me in so many ways. I am the same age as Rory, and she is so like me with being a reader and high achieving student. I started watching this with my dad when it first came out, and I have recently watched the whole series over with my mom. There are so many ways that I have connected with the story lines, and there are parts where I could have written the dialog. How can you not love the witty crazy banter of Lorelei and Rory in Stars Hallow? I am so excited for the reboot!!!!
  • Boy Meets World
    • I grew up watching this on Friday nights. This is a show that when the time comes, I hope to watch with George to pass along the amazingness. I love Cory and Topanga. I think I always hoping to find my Cory in real life. I learned so many life lessons from this show. “Life’s hard. Get a helmet.” I could watch it’s cheesiness over and over again.
  • Dancing With the Stars
    • It was so great to have this on my birthday! I have been watching this show for over 10 years now. It never ever gets old. I love dance, especially the traditional dances of waltz and jive. Fun fact, I wanted to be a choreographer when I was little. I love the stories that this show tells too. It has rejuvenated countless stars careers, which I think is fun to see. I think it is nice to see these famous people be real and see them stripped down a little emotionally. I get so excited to see all the glitz and glamor as well. Also I am in love with Derek Hough, so I love that this show introduced him to me. (This is the only one on this list that we don’t own the DVDs for.)
  • Castle
    • I am sad to see that this show my be coming to an end here soon, but I also think it is probably time to bow out gracefully instead of having a “jump the shark” moment. I have loved everything about this twisty crime drama. The will they won’t they of Castle and Beckett kept the story going for most of the seasons. The creative spin of having a writer follow the NYPD makes for a different crime drama. Also I enjoy that they have actually ghost written the books from Castle’s character.
  • Law and Order SVU
    • I think the fact that this show is still on is a testament to how good it is and the following it has. It may be so predictable, but I love the crime fighting stories it has. I had my ring tone as the dun-dun for a long time.
  • The West Wing
    • This show tickles my social studies major heart. This is such a smart show that any side of politics would enjoy. It is funny and serious. It is what we hope politics could be. I love love love CJ! I didn’t want this show to end!
  • The Office
    • Tom and I fell in love over this series. We have re-watched it countless times, and it never gets old. It is funny, romantic, and you can’t help but fall in love with all the characters despite them all being a little crazy. From Dwight’s crazy antics to Michael’s stupidity and naivety to watching Jim and Pam fall in love, this was a magical show. Tom and I both cried on the finale. We still quote The Office almost daily, actually daily if you count “That’s what she said.”

I connected with the characters on each of these shows. As weird as it sounds, they become friends. So I am glad to revisit these places every now and again.

Have you watched any of these shows? What are your all-time favorites?

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