May Goals

I love May. It is such a cheery time of the year. Plus it is my birthday month so that makes it even better!

Before I go into my May goals, let’s see how my April goals went.

  •  Fitness- get 15,000 steps a day. I am pretty proud of myself. I didn’t get 15000 every day, but I did improve my weekly totals each week. Last week, I got 121,524 steps. I had one or two days each week that I did not get to 15,000, however, my Saturdays and Sundays more than made up for it with 19 and 20 thousand steps. I even had one day with 22,000! So even though I didn’t get to 15,000 every day, I still call this a success. I doubt I will ever be on the work leaderboard though because there are people  getting 150,00-250,000 a week. I don’t have time for that.
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in our bedroom-It’s getting comical now. I think about it always after George is in bed, and we share a wall with him. And while he is not a light sleeper, I don’t want to tempt fate.
    • Clean up the craft room-Nope. We focused more on our yard then the inside of the house this month. So I would say it was still a productive month.
    • Take care of the brush in the back-We did this a little bit, but we spent more of our time on the rocks that are randomly half-buried all over our yard. We spent several days digging these things up, and we haven’t even come close to getting them all, We got most of the bigger patches that were causing Tom headaches when mowing cleared up though. We ended up using them to make beds around our trees in the front, which is making the yard look so much better!
  • Something with George-Play catch. We did play, or at least try it. He doesn’t get how to catch, but he does throw it.
  • Something with Tom-Go on a date. We actually went on TWO lunch dates. Tom came and met me at work, and we went downtown which was so nice to have a conversation over food without trying to feed George.
  • Something for me-schedule a massage. The schedule didn’t work out to do it this month, but I did schedule it! It is coming up here in a week, on my birthday!

May Goals

  •  Fitness-My goal is to get at least one day with 25,000 steps. I got one 22,000 day last month, so it is totally doable right?
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in our bedroom-I mean if I have this on here all year, eventually we will get it done right?
    • Get the basement visitor ready-This is a fairly large task. Unfortunately, the basement has become a dumping ground and the dog’s haven, so it is not exactly guest ready. That is where our third full bath is, but we have no guest bedroom. The living area down there can easily house guests with our large sectional couch, and there is enough space to put an air mattress down. We have several friends who are coming to visit this summer, so we need to get on sprucing up this space so someone other than Grace and Crosby can enjoy it.
    • Put in flower beds off our porch-We have this trench right off our porch that is ugly and hard to maintain. The dogs fall up and down it all the time because they are idiots when they see a cat or squirrel (or the wind blowing), so we want to put some safe stairs that they can run up instead of barreling into this dirt ledge. But we have to dig out a retaining wall and make the beds, so that is the hard part.
    • Dig up flowers to put in tree beds-We have these random surprise lilies literally every where in our back yard. They multiply like crazy, and I feel like we find a new patch every day (kind of like our rock problem). So we want to dig them up and put them around our trees in our front yard. We want to make it look like we actually try in our yard…
    • Tear down the creeper shed-I got some aggression out to get us started on this shed that has no purpose. We think it use to be an old dog pen. Now, it just houses some tarantulas, so it needs to go.


  • Something with George-Have a play-date with one of my mom friends. We know several people that have kids close to George’s age. Granted he interacts with kids all the time at the sitter’s, but I think it will be good for me to also be able to interact with parents outside of work.
  • Something with Tom-Go to the restaurant in our little town. Yep the restaurant. Well there are other food establishments:  one is a diner, and the other is a bar.
  • Something for me-As narcissistic as it may seem, this is my birthday month, so I want to do a bunch of posts here on the blog about me-more specifically my favorite things. It’s my blog, and I do what I want. I have really been away from the blog, and I miss it so I think this will be a good way to share more about myself and is a good timing when this month is all about celebrating me as a mom and me being born. Is there anything you want to know what my favorites are?

4 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Yay for may! It’s our anniversary and my birthday month, so it’s my favorite! I love your stepping goal. I stopped paying attention to my daily steps, but I’m going to keep an eye on them now!

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