April Goals

March was a whirlwind. It would have been crazy on a normal month (because let’s be real our lives are always crazy), but throw in a trip to the ICU, and all plans go out the window.

Let’s see how I did on my March goals anyway before I get to the April goals. Spoiler, I didn’t do too bad!

  • Fitness-Jillian Michaels 30 day shred videos three times each week-I mostly did this. The only week I did less than 4 workouts a week was the week we were in the hospital, and I even got in two during that time! But to be honest, I haven’t done 3 of Jillian’s videos each week. This last week I branched out with some other YouTube videos that I thought were a better workout for me. So I say this is still a win!
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in dining room and our bedroom-We got the dining room done because we hosted Easter. Nothing like having people over to motivate you to get house projects done. The bedroom ones are still on the floor. Baby steps.
    • Clean up the yard-We started this process. We spent a few hours last week cleaning up the trench around our deck. I think 5 tarps full of leaves later, we got that all cleaned up. We have also spent a lot of time cleaning up sticks from our trees in preparation to mow soon. Tom has also been cutting down some of the trees that are getting swallowed up by vines. I used a chainsaw for the first time to help chop some of the trees into firewood, so that was fun. We still have a ways to go, but it was a huge step!
    • Clean up the craft room-This is definitely a weekend task, and with losing basically a week and a half of time with the hospital visit this one went out the window.
  • Something with George-play outside more- We have tried to do this as much as we can. HE LOVES THE OUTSIDE. He tries to run from the car into the yard before I can redirect him into the house. He would stay outside all day if we let him. We learned how to play fetch (keep away) this month, and he also planted a stick garden at the back of the yard. First of many, I presume.
  • Something with Tom-do a BBQ. Nope. To be honest, we forgot about it.
  • Something for me-finish a book. Seriously, why can’t I get myself to finish these books? They aren’t bad. Oh yes, because I fall asleep after reading a couple pages. Progress is real slow.

April Goals

  •  Fitness-We have a step challenge going on at work, and I want to be somewhere on the leaderboard at least one of the weeks. I don’t know if that is exactly possible considering the top person had 283,000 last week (not sure how that is possible either), but I do want to try to get 15,000 steps a day. Last week was the first week, and I averaged around 12,000 steps a day. So I think it is doable to up the anti a little bit. Side note the campus is getting really into it, so that has been really fun to watch everyone react to the challenge. Like seriously into it. Walking meetings for everyone.
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos our bedroom-Try 3?
    • Clean up the craft room
    • Take care of the brush in the back-We have a few more trees and dead foliage to take care of at the back of our land.
  • Something with George-Play catch. With the regular season starting for our Royals this month, what better time to start teaching George the fundamentals? He can throw pretty well, but catching is a whole other thing.
  • Something with Tom-Go on a date. It’s sad that it has been almost a year since our last actually date…
  • Something for me-schedule a massage. A friend was so kind to gift me a massage, and I need to get on making that happen!

 Completely doable right? What goals do you have lately?

4 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Ooh, have fun with your massage!! That sounds like heaven right now. Dan is sending me out to get one as soon as I’m officially done pumping (he wants me to go sooner, but I can’t even imagine laying on my chest, lol). And a date night will be awesome! Do you have specific plans for that? We went on a couple in Ohio and had so much fun, but since we don’t know anyone here well enough yet to leave Annabelle with, I’m sure it’ll be quite some time before we get to go on another one. The Boy Scout moms for the troop Dan volunteered with in Ohio were awesome about watching Annabelle for us!

    • Maybe you could do one of those massage chairs? We actually went on our lunch date today! Tom met me at work on his day off which makes it easy since George is already at the sitter.

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