March Goals

I really have no idea what we did in February. Do you ever look back, and think where did all the time go? It was such a quick month. But really, we probably say this every month.

Let’s check in on how I did with my goals before I share my March goals.

  • Fitness-200 push ups. I actually did this! I was a little sore after each set, so it did something for me.
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in dining room and our bedroom-NOPE. No excuse. They are sitting on the floor in their respective rooms..
    • Clean up the yard-NOPE. I could blame it on the weather, but nope.
    • Build the dog “apartment” downstairs-We decided not to do this, so I didn’t really not accomplish this because we changed the direction we wanted to go for the dogs.
  • Something with George-build a blanket fort. We tried this, and George did not want to have anything of this. He was unimpressed. At the babysitter’s, his friend tries to build them and he ends up sitting on the blankets waiting for her to drag him around. He does sit in his reading tent a lot in the living room, so I think someday he will be on board with the tent making.

I tried in the living room several different times. Then Tom tried on our bed since he is obsessed with jumping on it but he kept climbing off and looking at us like we were crazy. Also Tom is wearing shorts…

  • Something with Tom-Go on a movie date. Nope. This one is mostly my fault. Tom really wanted to go last Friday, but I put a stop to it for various reasons.
  • Something for me-finish some photo projects. I got some sorting done, and I finally put together George’s one year video! That was the big one for me.

  • I also want to blog at least twice a week. –I did do this! I actually got in three most weeks. Look at me go!

Well month two didn’t go so well…

March will be better.

  • Fitness-I want to do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred videos three times each week. I know that it is supposed to be 30 days of Jillian, but I have a pretty good workout system two days after work, so I don’t want to change that if I don’t have to. There are three levels, so if I do each once a week I think that is a pretty good goal and leaves me with two days of flexibility. After taking a couple weeks off due to everyone in our house coming down with the illness, I need to get this booty back in shape. This lethargic body needs to go.
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in dining room and our bedroom for real.
    • Clean up the yard-We just need to tell ourselves it will just get worse if we don’t suck it up. Also it is getting close to time to put some plants in the ground.
    • Clean up the craft room so I can use it since that is the point. Unfortunately, it has become one of our dumping grounds. Tom and I are really good at creating useless piles that are just in the way.
  • Something with George-play outside more. Little man LOVES to be outside. This is a great time for us to run around and not be distracted so hopefully the weather will cooperate to give us more opportunities to be outside. He is just so happy out there!


  • Something with Tom-do a BBQ. Can you believe that we have yet to BBQ at this house? Not after this month hopefully! Hot dogs and baked beans get in my belly!
  • Something for me-finish a book. I have two books that I have started, but anytime I sit down to read, I fall asleep within a matter of pages. I also have some books that I am going to be reviewing in the spring, so I want to get these two finished before I get those.

What are you goals for the month? Is it nice where you live?


6 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. I had a pretty big flop for February a well… eek! Good luck with your March goals! They sound great! Also, I love how you did George’s one year video… I’m sure I already told you that, but I sooo do! It’s awesome. I will have to keep that in mind for Annabelle’s first year as well. 🙂

  2. Jillian Michaels is my girl crush. I LOVEDDDD (hatttted lol) 30 day shred! Kicked my butt, but I liked the results. I also did Ripped in 30 after. I am going to do 30 day shred again after we move. Too much jumping for my town home!

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