Thoughts on the Bachelor This Week

 Are you ready for another installation of my thoughts while I watch the Bachelor? I know you all have been just hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for this.


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  • Lauren Bs date was adorable. Seeing men with kids is adorable. I may have teared up a bit when he consoled that little boy who was crying on the sidelines.
  • Also Lauren and Ben looked like a real couple. So sweet in their little leather jackets.
  • I would have LOVED that baseball date. How much fun? I would fall hard and fast if I was on that date. No reservations. Put me in Coach.
  • When he sent Becca and Caila back to the house during the group date was so awkward. “Amanda and I have a date to continue.” You could just tell the other two were just fuming.
  • Tom was skeptical about the size of Warsaw and its small townness. So we had to look it up. It’s close to big cities, but not close enough that I would consider it a suburb. (And yes Tom watches this show with me!)
  • Oh Emily. She just couldn’t stop talking with Ben’s parents. You could tell they were trying to be nice but were a little annoyed by her. Ben’s mom trying to describe her nicely was priceless. I would agree with Ben’s mom that she is not quite mature enough for this process. She still has so many things she wants to accomplish for herself, as she should! She seems like a really nice gal and she is funny. I do think her and her sister may make an appearance in the future in other Bachelor Franchise things. I mean how could they not try to drum up more stuff with the twins possibly on Bachelor in Paradise?
  • Ok so I love that the women are all consoling each other when Emily was sent home, but they have to be excited at the same time.
  • “Thanks for coming back to my hometown. I will always remember this courtyard as the place I broke one of your hearts.” is what Ben should have said at the beginning of the rose ceremony.
  • I am thinking Lauren and JoJo for the final two. I think that Caila is going to get in her own way, and I think that Ben will be overwhelmed by the thought of being a dad to two small children for Amanda.
  • I wrote this note before Becca got jilted. “I have some suspicions if Becca doesn’t get the final final rose, she may be up for being the next Bachelorette.” #beccaforbachelorette Tom hates her and thinks she is an attention seeker, but I like her and think she is sweet. And has a killer fashion sense!


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Did you watch the 20th celebration?

  • Chris Soules was so awkward. You can definitely tell that he is trying to get as much screen time as possible. Enough already. I feel like he is overstaying his welcome.
  • So many babies that are coming! Pomegranate Ashley is getting married and almost ready to pop! She seems a lot more down to earth when the show isn’t in play.
  • I love Tanner and Jade, even more so because they live in KC!
  • It was really interesting to see some Bachelor favorites and not so favorites for this event.
  • I didn’t realize so many people wrote books over their experience. I need them all!
  • I started watching during Trista’s season, so I love anytime Trista and Ryan come on the show. Obviously this can work for some folks (Team Sean + Catherine over here!), but the track record still isn’t that hot guys.

Who are you hoping are the final two?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Bachelor This Week

  1. I agree with Tom, I hate Becca! I loved Ben’s town. So cute! The town we are moving to is small(ish). It doesn’t have a Target, so to me, that’s small! I thought of you with the baseball date (I know that sounds weird…LOL) But I knew you watched and basically I would LOVEEE to have a date at Citizens Bank Park in Philly, Have you ever done a ballpark tour? We did one at Petco in San Diego on our Honeymoon and then we did Citizens Bank Park a few weeks later. Tours are really fun! We got to go out on the field. They’re also super cheap!

    P.S. I’m reading Emily Maynard’s new book right now!! Talk about depressing 😦

  2. Yes to it all! I’m starting to agree that the final 2 will be Lauren and JoJo, and I assume Lauren wins. This episode was so sad for me because it was obvious Becca was going home but I just love her! I’d love to see her on BIP! And the twins… we definitely haven’t seen the last of them haha

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