Thoughts of a Parent With a Sick Kid

George has been really sick the past couple weeks. I blame it on the teething, but then it turned ugly when he also got RSV (which is a respiratory infection).

We have had a couple rough nights where George won’t stop screaming, which is really not like him at all. When this kid can’t be consoled by being held, you know there is an issue.

These are just some of my thoughts on one of the nights that he thought it was a good idea to be awake from 12am-5am.

12am-*Hear George crying across the hall* Does he know this is not appropriate? How did I stay up at this hour in college?

*Tom attempts to get him to sleep, but all George does is scream.*

1am- Ok this kid has some pipes.

1:12- Have you tried milk? (talking to Tom)

1:32- Have you tried milk? (talking to Tom, and clearly I am half asleep because I don’t remember what you told me before.)

1:42- Seriously you tried milk and it didn’t work? Hmm…that normally works.

2:05- Ok let me try and hold him…

2:10- I have to pee, and he is falling right asleep right on my bladder.

2:12- Ok seriously I may wet my pants. I can totally put him back in the crib, he has been asleep for like 10 minutes right?

2:13-Successfully put him in the crib. High five self!

2:15- Well George does not feel that it is appropriate for me to relive my bladder. How can he still be crying?

2:16- Whew Tom got him. Thank God he is home tonight. Only 3 more hours of sleep time.

2:30- Why are you [Tom] bringing him into the bed?!?! He thinks we are jungle gyms!! He won’t sleep in here.

2:40- What did I tell you!?! That is a baby hand slapping my face.

3am- Ok really just 2 more hours. That’s a solid nap.

3:20- Let me try again.

3:23- Let’s bring him into the bed. (I get that I just yelled at you an hour ago, but I am desperate.)

3:45- Sweet! He has slept for the last 30 minutes on my chest. My arm is asleep though so maybe I can move him now. Please Lord let me move him without him waking up.

3:47- Why are you [George] awake again and staring at me like that!?!?! This is terrifying. Yes, TOM I WOULD LIKE YOU TO TAKE HIM.

4:15- WHY ARE YOU STILL CRYING? How is it possibly for you to cry this long?

5:15- BEEP BEEP. What the hell. BEEP BEEP. Why can’t I turn that stupid alarm off? Tom’s not in the bed, where is he? *Look at baby monitor* No baby in crib. Someone kidnapped Tom and George!!!! Oh what is that? They are asleep on the floor. George is asleep on the floor! Bless that man. How did I get so lucky? Am I crying?

Best Husband

5:20- *Dogs start barking.* Shut your mouths! (said through clenched teeth)

5:23- Maybe he will sleep long enough so I can shower and get ready for work.

5:25- Ok I should stop starring at my sweet boys on the monitor, and get in that shower!

5:35- Did I use the shampoo or body wash on my hair? Better wash it again to make sure I am clean.

5:45- Shower is done, and he isn’t crying. Yes. Yes. Yes.

6:10- *Dogs bark at nothing.* What are you [dogs] doing!?

6:11- Awesome. George is crying. Tom is a zombie. This is my life today I guess.

6:13- *Give George a bottle.* This is what silence is like. I told Tom that milk would help.

6:20- George, you have got to be out of tears? What is happening?

6:23- Trying to put makeup on while George is in the Tula is not easy., but God bless wearing babies. #wearallthebabies


6:40- Ok he is burning up. Where is that thermometer?

6:45- Crap. It says 101. So how does this work to stay home with a sick kid?

7:00- Call work and baby sitter about sick day. Cancel all appointments. Darn it, those students were not easy to get in the first time, hopefully they will be on it to reschedule.

7:30- He will only fall asleep in the Tula. This is going to be a good day. Lord help us.

7:45am- How does he sweat this much? I look and feel like I just got in the shower fully clothed, but instead of feeling clean I am covered in baby snot and saliva.

And all that on repeat until we can finally get George to successfully nap for more than a half hour.

It’s been really fun around our house. We had to take George to Urgent Care last week because he had almost a 103 temp. There we found out that he had an ear infection (which he did not show any particular signs of besides screaming his head off), and he picked up RSV somewhere. So he is on antibiotics plus we have to do a breathing treatment several times a day. Poor guy was miserable. He is just now getting back to himself a week later. He has never had a fever like that, and it totally wiped him out.

And it wiped us as parents out as well. Luckily, we have been a good team and will tag team trying to make George feel better. I love George, however, it was exhausting to have him inconsolable and screaming for 5 hours in the middle of the night. Maybe 30 minutes here and there, he did not stop crying. I don’t care who you are, that is tiring for anyone.And we felt utterly helpless. It also made me realize how far we have come from the newborn days. I honestly don’t know how we didn’t sleep through the night for months on end.

This sickness though has made him extra cuddly. He is handing hugs out like he is Oprah on her Favorite Things show. You get a hug, you get a hug, and YOU get a hug. Except it’s just me all day, YES. For a kid who has avoided any affection, these snotty hugs are making me feel better about only getting 2 hours of sleep.

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