Talks with Tom #41

How have I not done a TWT since October? Oh yea, because I forget to write down the nuggets from conversation thinking I will remember them.

I never learn.

Anyway, here are a few Tom sayings since I have kept you waiting for 4 months.

Tom is a sweet talker. He knows how to work a room. But a lot of people mistake it with flirting, which I make fun of him for all the time.

Me-You flirt with everything.

Tom-No, I just talk.

Me-No, It’s flirting.

Tom-It’s not my fault that everything that comes out of my mouth is as smooth as cream cheese.

We plan out designs for a remodel all the time. Some day we will have a gym, and Tom has lots of plans.

Tom-When we have our own gym, I’m going to put a hammock in there. That way if I get tired during a workout, I can lie down.

Me-Because our bed in the same house will be to far?

I don’t remember how this sentence came up, but it is quote worthy.

Tom-My new superhero name is the Incredible Bulk. “Don’t make me hangry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry.”

I have some goodies to share from his summary of some police interactions, so hopefully it won’t be four months before the next airing.


This is sometimes how I feel with my husband…

Does your significant other keep you laughing everyday?



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