Bachelor Thoughts of the Week

Here is what I thought about this week’s episode.


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  • I am torn on the Olivia issue. On one hand I do get her perspective that she isn’t there to make friends. She is there for Ben. But on the other hand, it does make you wonder how she is with people in real social settings.
  • Leah’s meltdown.Really? No words.
  • This week makes me want to go back to the Caribbean so bad.
  • I am so confused by Caila’s one on one. There has to be a lot they didn’t show.
  • Tom thought we should have them fight sharks to see if they are really committed.
  • SWIMMING PIGS!!! This is the best date ever.
  • Becca is my favorite this week. She is just real and honest.
  • Leah back talking Lauren B. is just sad and pathetic. Where did that come from? Why is she surprised she is going home? She is lying to everyone. Karma sister friend.
  • So Olivia is the first to say “I love you” if we don’t count the Spanish lesson. And then she was crushed….Watching her face go from elated to heartbroken is what this show is made of. I really feel for her though. She just looks devastated, and then to make her watch Emily get the rose. I mean they just left her to just stand there staring at the ocean….


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  • I liked Lauren H, but I think there were obvious other people for him. Maybe she will be on Paradise.
  • Hopefully Lauren B. can clear the air here soon. I really enjoy her.
  • Ok did anyone else catch that Emily said she just met Ben’s parents. So does that mean she is one of the final two? Isn’t that usually how meeting the Bachelor’s parents goes? She was not who I thought would be in the final two.

My picks after this week are Becca and JoJo in the final two, with Caila and Lauren next.

Do you watch the show? What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Bachelor Thoughts of the Week

  1. I love your review of this because I JUST started watching- I know, where have I been?? Was Leah lying about Lauren B? I just jumped in so I have no clue. If she was lying- that is SO COLD. LOL about your husband’s shark comment 🙂 and the swimming pigs were blowing my mind haha. Becca seems like a winner- is she everyone’s favorite? And I totally heard that girl saying she met Ben’s parents- I was like wait… doesn’t that give something away?? I think I might be hooked…
    ❤ Smitha

  2. I think this year, the final 4 are going to meet his parents. From what I gather. It’s a weird format.

    Still love Becca, JoJo and Lauren B. Caila annoys me to no end.

  3. I was so happy that Olivia finally got sent home, but I did feel a bit sorry for her. I think the producers do the whole dramatic leave her alone on the island thing. One thing that annoys me about the show is we don’t really get to see their real conversations on dates. We only get to here them talking about if the girl loves Ben and sees herself with him. Leah completely shocked her and she immediately showed her true colors when she started talking about Lauren B. I was so happy Ben sent her home when she came over to stir up more drama. I don’t really see Emily with Ben, but I wondered the same when she mentioned his parents. I love Lauren B. and JoJo! This Monday should be another crazy episode!

  4. I caught the Emily saying she just met Ben’s parents too! I was super confused until they played the scenes from next episode. It looks like they are all going to Ben’s hometown, so maybe Emily gets a 1×1 or something and gets to meet his parents. Either way, I think that happens next week at the final six. I felt badly for Olivia too. I don’t think she was the worst villain the show has ever seen and she was probably edited very poorly. And Leah making up lies about Lauren B… made me so angry! I really think the final 2 will be Lauren and Amanda but have absolutely no idea which one he would pick.

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