Pups Birthday!

These little nuggets are FIVE today.


We have had Grace most of her life since we got her as a pup, and Crosby for the past two years. And I just don’t really remember what we did without them.

They were our first children, and we spoil them rotten. (Like buying a house mainly because it came with it’s own dog park.)


So here is my ode to you Grace and Crosby, and five reason why I just love you to pieces.

  • You are the best cuddlers, even though you hog the bed, and forget that you weigh 75 pounds when you lay on us. The way you nuzzle in to be close to us is too cute for words. And it is amazing with how big you are how you can maneuver yourself into the smallest crannies. (Grace likes to worm herself between Tom and I when there is no apparent space between us on the couch or bed. She just makes us sandwich her.)

Dogs 2

  • You are the best guard dogs. Since we spend a lot of nights alone, I definitely feel more at ease knowing you are here with us. And you make sure that no squirrel, cat, bunny, human, or other living things step into our yard without your presence being known.
  • 1220152127

  • You two are the perfect vacuum cleaners. Whenever George (or us adults) makes a mess, you two are right there to clean it up.
  • You are so forgiving. There are days that we may leave you alone too long, or we pay more attention to George than you, but you always are willing to forget and love us anyway.


  • You are the best big siblings to George. You put up with his crawling and bouncing on you. You don’t get mean when he takes your bones for the millionth time. You just love on him like you love on us.

Dogs 1

Happy Birthday Grace and Crosby!


Here’s to more shenanigans this year!

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