Real Talk

Not to sound pompous but I work to be a perfectly flawless person. Clearly, I know this is not reality, but I strive for perfection, and will over-think things at length when they aren’t. Perfectionism is not one of my proudest attributes of all time.

It is important for me to remember that every moment isn’t going to be perfect, and there is some beauty in that.

Or humor.

So here I am opening up about some of my imperfections for everyone’s enjoyment today. Get excited.


  • Earlier this week, I must have gotten distracted while putting on my make-up because I forgot to put mascara on one of my eyes. I didn’t realize it until my morning bathroom run that my face looked uneven. I almost went to the store over my lunch break to fix my naked eye, but I just went with it. Nobody gave me weird stares or said anything, so either they are all way to kind, or my five minute make-up routine makes absolutely no difference in what people think.
  • I am a scenery driver, meaning that I look for landmarks to know where to turn. We live outside of city limits and the highway has no lights whatsoever. Before it got dark, I was using this electricity pole to mark where I need to start slowing down where I turn to get to our house because the street just kind of jumps out at you. But now that it is dark at a ridiculously early hour, I can’t see that light post. Which means, I miss our street at least 2 or 3 times a week. I get lost going to our house 50% of the week.
  • I had a doctor’s appointment the other day where I had to disrobe for a physical. I remembered 5 minutes before I left the house that I didn’t shave my legs. Folks, I don’t even know when the last time I shaved them was. Toddlers don’t allow for that kind of time. Anyway, to not be utterly mortified at the doctor’s office I put on my knee-high dress socks and kept them on during the appointment so they couldn’t see how I had let myself go. #momhack
  • I haven’t stopped wearing maternity tank tops. Honestly I will probably wear them forever because they are made much longer and they are just more comfortable than regular camis. You should check them out. You are welcome.
  • I really hate being late. It is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I schedule myself extra time to ensure I am not late. Except Mondays. For some reason, Mondays win the war. I cannot for the life of me get George and I to where we need to be on time. Every.Single.Week. The other four days I am always on time if not early, but not Mondays.
  • Monday night I actually did an ab workout. Then I ate several handfuls of gummy bears and a bowl of ice cream when I was done. Those abs are mine!
  • I would really love to have a picture of the dogs and George but this is what I can manage to get. Taking pictures is sometimes really hard.


 Do you have any funny things to share? Are you able to get your kids and pets to sit nicely-together-in one spot-for several minutes-in a row? What is your secret?

2 thoughts on “Real Talk

  1. I can identify with this post in sooo many ways. I am always trying to be perfect, yet something always happens. I also am a chronic on-timer or even earlybird… always have been. Since having Annabelle? HAHAHAHAHA. I’m five minutes late ALWAYS, and I absolutely hate that!!

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