Book Review: A Thousand Shall Fall

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I did receive this book complimentary from Litfuse Publicity Group for my review. These thoughts are my own.


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 As you know, I love historical fiction. And my favorite time period is the Civil War. So naturally when this review presented itself, I hopped on that band wagon right away!

I am going to give this book a 4/5 rating.

At first, I will be honest I was not into this book. I had just come off of reading I Shall Be Near to You, which is about a woman impersonating a man in the war. This book, started very similarly with another woman impersonating a man during the war. The motives were different, but the similarities had me going really slowly at the beginning.

About 9 chapters in though I was hooked. I read from there to the end in 3 days. People when you have a toddler, reading an entire book in a week is a really big deal!

The book follows a spirited young woman, Carrie Ann, on her quest to find her sister who had run away. In order to do so Carrie Ann left her southern home to infiltrate Northern territory (and troops) during the Civil War. After being captured, she befriends her captor, who is a Yankee Colonel.

I don’t want to give to much more away because beyond that information is where I got hooked.

There were definitely parts that I thought were predictable, but Andrea put in twists that had me guessing. Is Carrie Ann going to help her childhood friend who is a Rebel fighter, or her new confidant in the Yankee Colonel? This is the underlying struggle during the whole book. You also get to see how each character has evolved from the war and how they have to develop new relationships with old acquaintances because so much has changed from the war.

What I enjoyed most about this book was that it was funny. I don’t know how many times I caught myself laughing out loud with the reaction of the characters. The humor was refreshing for this period piece. A lot of historical fiction has that old time romantic “Gone With the Wind” feel to it. While it had the romantic element, it was a little more down to earth so that was nice.

So why not a 5 rating? That slow start really got me good, so it may be a five if I hadn’t just read another Civil War historical fiction.

There are plans for this to be a series, but I am bummed that the next book doesn’t come out until next fall. Way to tease!

This is definitely a good read my friends.

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Have a good weekend! On to the next book!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: A Thousand Shall Fall

  1. I think I would like this! I have found that very rarely I like the first couple of chapters of a book. So often they start slowly, so I try to push through them as quickly as possible so I can get to the part where I can’t put it down haha

    • It is really hard for me to give up on a book, so I will give it a lot of chapters. For this one, I think it was honestly that I just read a similar book. I think you would like this one!

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