Help a Parent Out

No way would I ever claim that I know everything about being a parent. I know that we have barely scratched the surface of this whole parenting thing.

But what I do know is when to ask for help.


So here I am with a few of our current issues, hoping that someone out there can give us some sage advice.

Issue One: We are in the midst of utensil training. First of all, is it normal to use an entire box of wipes for each meal, or to have the urge to just have dinner in the bathtub? We have some really good toddler utensils (we think) but what I really want to know is what are some good foods to actually get this learning process moving. George gets the idea of stuff goes on the fork, but he gets as impatient as his parents and ends up just using his hands after a couple scoop/stab attempts. Any advice on how to handle this process is welcomed by this sauce and oatmeal covered mama.


Issue Two: This may be my biggest dilemma. The days are very rare that Tom is around to help in the morning with George. The shifts he is on are all the worst timing for me to have backup during morning time. What I have been doing up to this point to actually get a shower is to put George in the bouncer while he drinks his morning milk. This allows me the 10 minutes I need to shower and not worry that he is getting into any danger while I am unavailable. But I think my time with the bouncer as my saving grace is soon ending. What do people do to be able to shower when they are solo? George is still to young to be left without some eyes and quick response, especially if I want all my cabinets in tact when I get done. I don’t think I have ever seen him sit still without being strapped down so just hoping he would just watch some TV quietly is out of the question. My son likes to play hard from sun up to sun down. I know those little gates/baby jails wont work for Gdubs. He could either climb them or knock them down. Other ideas? Or should I just keep using the bouncer until he can climb out of that thing? Seriously, I have nightmares of him finding his way through the basement door and falling down the stairs. Someone help! And yes I know there is the option of showering at night, but I need the shower to wake me up and my hair doesn’t do well with night showers. Showering after Gdubs is in bed is an option if none other are presented, but seriously there have to be some other ideas right?

Issue Three:  George is a teething biter. Whenever he has multiple teeth coming in at one time, he thinks biting people is ok to test out those new teeth. He has bit multiple people in our family, the babysitter, and another girl at the sitter’s. He has even bit himself. I don’t believe that it is out of attention since most of the time it happens when we are playing (for me at least). I believe it is purely because he has to have something in his mouth because of those teeth breaking through. Everything goes in his mouth. But how do I make him realize that it is not an ok option for teething pain to become a walker? And what kid bites themselves?


Issue Five: How do people brush their kids teeth? George hates it. Like he screams like we are torturing him, and then refuses to open his mouth if we even come near it with the tooth brush. We are able to somewhat brush with the finger brush, but that is equally scary because see issue three. I am surprised we aren’t missing digits from his biting during our brushing attempts. He has his first dentist appointment coming up which I will definitely consult with the expert, but I wold love to know your tricks if you have them! I am a little worried because we cannot get in there to adequately brush. I also don’t want him to grow up thinking this is a torture device. Is this a phase? What do you do?


Issue Five:  One issue that has been solved is him wetting the bed. About a month ago, George started peeing through his diaper causing him to wake up at an ungodly hour. We had gotten this far without using overnight diapers, and I didn’t really know where to start with experimenting with diapers. This Influenster box could not have come a better time! We were able to review the Babies R Us brand of diapers.


I put these diapers through the wringer. He slept in them for 12 hours (which was the time limit written on the packaging). He wore them playing, a car trip to KC, and every day goodness.

And surprisingly, they rose up to the test. I would never have thought the Babies R Us brand to be anything worth bragging about if I were to be honest. We only had one incident of leakage, which I honestly think could have been parent error in not making them tight enough. It has been so nice not to have to strip the bed and bring him into our bed  to get some precious sleep. He also had no diaper rash while in these, which is another bonus for my teething little monster.


If I am to be completely honest, I don’t know if I will go out of my way to get this brand. We didn’t even register at Babies R Us, I can probably count on one hand how many times I have been in that store in my entire life. Plus this 28 pack is their jumbo pack. I feel that this is really misleading. A jumbo pack should give me a lot more than 28 diapers. But this pack was only $7.99 which is close to the Target brand price. (My calculation though is that I am saving 6 cents per diaper though with Target.)

So did they do the job? Yes, and I would recommend them to anyone. However, I am still on the lookout for a more convenient option of overnight diapers since we never go there. I don’t like making extra trips to places since I normally have Gdubs with me. We like one and done types of shopping trips.

I did receive these diapers complimentary for the review from Influenster, and these thoughts are my own.

If you are interested in getting an Influenster box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise! The community is also really easy to navigate. The more you interact, the more they will be able to find boxes that fit your style and needs. It is really versatile, and you can use it a lot or hardly at all. I have really enjoyed it so far!

Can anyone help a parent out with these issues? Do you have any issues you need advice with or problems I am not even aware of? Can we all be in this together?

11 thoughts on “Help a Parent Out

  1. sooo for the morning thing (I think all working mamas struggle with this one) I honestly started keeping Patrick up later so he sleeps while I get ready in the morning. Literally getting him up and dressed is the very last thing I do before leaving. This has worked beautifully however we go to bed late so it wasn’t a big deal to keep him up later… not sure if this will work for your little man but just a thought! The times that he does wake up too early .. I normally put him in the bathroom with me with toys that he likes and I shower super quick.. not the best for sure!

    Patrick HATED the kid utensils so we just gave him the regular size ones and he has done
    great. Maybe try letting him use/experiment with the big ones? Honestly though I think what you are describing is normal 🙂 Patrick didn’t get really good at utensils until about 20 months. Hang in there mama!

    I don’t know about the biting thing though 😦 Good luck!! Ps You are doing a GREAT job!!

    • We have been keeping him up later this week, and it seems to be helping. Before he was the one waking me up before my alarm so it was difficult! We also cut him to one nap recently, so I think that will help him sleep a little longer as well. It’s nice to hear that other parents are seeing the same thing. There is something comforting knowing that it is normal. Thanks for the advice and support! You are doing great too! Isn’t unreal that we are parents?

      • It’s totally unreal! I still look at him and am like WHAT?!? Yay for him sleeping later! Patrick started sleeping a lot better when he went down to one nap too.

  2. For showering in the morning maybe try bringing him in the shower with you. Cuyler will sit on the ground in the shower and play with toys. As for utensils I feel like they get better with time. My three year old sometimes still struggles with them.

    • I haven’t tried showering with him yet, but we may get there! And I know that a lot of the issues with the utensils is my own need for patience. So I definitely need to work on that! Thanks for the advice!

  3. Have you tried the amber teething necklace, we used that with Levi and could tell a difference. We haven’t had a lot of trouble with biting. He has started to bite more recently. For night time we used to have the same problem with diapers. I love my Huggies and they are the ones that don’t break him out. We just went to the next size up and then we didn’t have the leaking problem. We are still struggling with the teeth brushjng. He wants to do it himself, but then just eats the toothpaste off it. Still figuring that one out. For showering we let him sleep until we have gotten ourselves ready, then get him up and ready. I have put him in the bathroom floor with toys or a snack while I take a quick shower. Now he likes to talk to me so we just talk while I shower. I’m sure you are doing a great job and it is def. A learning process.

    • We have tried the amber necklace, but it was obnoxious to take it on and off for naps and bedtime, so I was lazy about it. A lot of people have suggested sizing up so we will keep that in mind. We have been successful with the Target overnights for the last week! He has also been sleeping much later this last week too! Definitely makes a difference doesn’t it! Our dentist just gave us this teething toothbrush ring that works a little. It’s an interesting contraption. We are willing to try anything though!

  4. All parents must have the same problems!!

    1)we were super late on utensil training. I didn’t start pressuring Jimmie to use them until he was 18 months. I always gave him a spoon, but never really MADE him use it. Finally, I was like, “Oh crap gotta teach him manners!” Once we started pushing it, it got better, He is okay with yogurt, quinoa. He just started figuring out forks. I guess it literally is whatever works for you. I put the food on the spoon, then put the spoon on his plate, then he picks it up. He just started scooping himself, a few days ago. He is a neat freak (whoops, this is my fault) and wants me to wipe his hands when they get dirty. It is a mess though, all the time. I’m pretty sure they will continue to use their hands more than utensils for a while.As long as they get the concept, you’re on the right track.

    2) Jimmie will be 19 months and he still stays in the bouncer when I shower. We don’t let him use tablets, but when I shower, I use the PBS app and put on sesame street or Daniel Tiger. This usually keeps him happy. He hasn’t tried to climb out yet. Also, as painful as it is, if you can, wake up before him. Or shower when you know he is awake, but happily “playing” in his crib. OR put a playpen in your room.

    3) Jimmie sometimes bites himself. But it hasn’t been as bad lately.

    4) Jimmie HATED having his teeth brushed up until about two weeks ago when the dr said I cold start using fluoride free tooth paste. I sit on the toilet and lean him back on my lap (while still holding him in one arm) and brush his teeth that way. I have also tried giving him two tooth brushes to hold. He doesn’t love the experience but it has to get done.

    5) I put a sunbaby cloth diaper over the pampers overnight diapers, when we were having issues. I have also double diapered him a few times, which is obviously expensive. He may also need to go a size up!

    • It is really nice to know that we aren’t alone in these struggles. George is better with a fork than he is a spoon. He has no problem being dirty. He would be dirty all day long if we weren’t constantly chasing him with wipes. George started going to the bathroom on his own when I ask him to brush his teeth! So we must have turned a leaf! I think I will definitely use the bouncer until he is too big to fit into it. He is climbing everything so I don’t trust him at all! And sizing up really helped with the leaks!

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