Fit for Me 40/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on a bike.

Sunday-We went to a pumpkin patch. If you have ever chased a toddler around you know how much of a workout it can be trying to keep him from climbing into every wagon in sight or falling headfirst into the chicken coop or hay bales. I was exhausted after our two hours exploring there.

Impressed by:

Not really a whole lot…whoops.

Struggled with:

Getting my butt out the door. My mom was here this weekend, and I wasn’t feeling so hot the beginning of this week for my normal workout times. Better luck next week.

Did I meet my goal from last week?


What is my goal for next week?

I want to go for a good run. I haven’t really done a good one since my 10k, and I want to get some quality miles under me. (See same goal as last week, trying again.)

Fitness Thoughts:

I am in a rut. There are so many other things that I would rather be doing than working out right now. I need to find a way back into a routine.

This was me yesterday….

92990f926a21f8b6224ce8c79a50eecbimage via

How do you get out of a rut? Do you find that you have too many other things that working out takes a backseat?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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