Talks with Tom #40

I have a couple gems for you this week.

It is probably no surprise that we love food in our house, so we have some great conversations.

IMG_20150822_205619Tom-I love food so much if I were a fairy princess, my name would be Mozzarella. You may think I mean “Cinderella.” No, it’s Mozzarella. And my middle name would be Pecan Pie.

Me-What is your last name, Pringles? (Earlier that day, Tom had tried to Ebay Pecan Pie Pringles. Yes there are such a thing.)

Tom-No my last name would be Dessert. Dessert is always last.

A couple weeks ago, we had our family over so I decided to test out a new recipe on them. I picked something that looked like it would make a lot. You always want more food than what people can eat!

I made this Crockpot Enchilada Quinoa from Chelsea.

IMG_20150920_191544The next day, I was at work when I got these texts.

Tom-I hope you’re happy with yourself.

Me-What does that mean? (In my head I was trying to recall a fight, and I was so confused.)

Tom-This quinoa dip is like a drug. I can’t stop. You did this to us.

Seriously it is crazy good. (And in a crockpot.) I want to make this all the time.

Do you have any crazy convos around food?

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