My Favorite Childhood Vacation

This time of year always makes me think of vacations. Outside of the one night stay on my birthday, it has been a few years since we have been on a true vacation without there being another reason for travel like a wedding.

Since Tom cannot request time off right now, it has been hard to plan a vacation this summer.

So instead I will just reminisce about my favorite childhood vacation.

It wasn’t anywhere luxurious. We stayed in state. But boy do I love Missouri.

And most of the time we had to walk across the park for running water.

My favorite childhood vacation was definitely camping.

Pom 93-1 copy

I looked forward to these excursions every summer, even though it looks like we hate our lives there….

My dad would take my brother and I to a lake near Branson, and we would camp for a few days. We had the tent and the cooler set with all our necessities, and we were pulling our boat in tow. Then my step-mom would join us for the second part of the vacation which meant we moved to a hotel. So it was awesome and dirty for a few days then it turned luxurious with a pool and a plate of giant nachos from the hotel restaurant. We also did much more touristy things like mini-golf or one of the many shows in Branson once we were at the hotel part of the vacation.

But camping, was just us and nature. Even as a kid, I knew there was something special about being outside like that.

Pom 93-2

What I loved about camping was the simplicity of it. We got to explore and rough it. We even looked forward to helping with the cooking because it generally meant lots of hotdogs.

It also meant lots of soda (Shasta) because we never really had any at home. In fact, we had a lot of food that we didn’t normally have, again read hotdogs.

Year 92-1

We would play and sing lots of Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett, and I would read because Anne of Green Gables was probably calling. My brother would try to fish, and I would hardly ever get out of my swimsuit because where there is water I must swim. (And I would have a bathing suit with the alphabet on it. A genuine nerd since 1985 folks…) We would talk about the stars and attempt to catch all the lightning bugs. We would dig for clams and skip rocks for days.


We learned a lot on those trips, and we made a lot of memories that I look back on fondly.


Tom and I want to continue this tradition with our family, and we had full intentions on doing so for our anniversary but the rain has been so unpredictable that we didn’t want to bank on it. Also maybe when his schedule is a little more free as well. We also may have been a little ambitious attempting to take a 10 month old camping this year. Hopefully next year we can go on our first official camping trip as a family.

What was your favorite childhood vacation?

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Childhood Vacation

  1. I feel like we’ve gone on a lot of vacations lately, but there was a good long stretch of years where we didn’t go anywhere. Stephen’s aunt calls those “the salad years.” Plus, it’s a rough trade-off when we are either together on vacation or apart for months at a time. You know how it is.

    Anyway, I loved reading about your vacation experiences growing up. I’m sure in no time you’ll be building similar memories with George!

    • With our lifestyles, in can be rough to plan vacations for sure. In all fairness, George won’t remember this year anyway, so just as well to wait another year to start.

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