Fitness for Me 24/52

What I did last week:

Wednesday-30 minute walk with the family.

Thursday-30 minute walk with the famjam again. I like it when Tom is home in the evening. But he did tell me this is not something he wants to do on Father’s Day.

Saturday-BodyPump. I made it through every track except chest. I felt really weak during it all, but I made it through.

Sunday-My sister-in-law and I went to the Royals/Cards game, where we instead waited during the rain for 2.5 hours for the game to start. We walked the stairs and around the stadium quite a bit so I am saying it counts. .

Impressed by:

Y’all I made it through a shoulder track! High five to me because this has not happened for a very very long time. It’s all those George presses I am doing.

Struggled with:

I am really struggling with my push-up and plank challenge. I don’t really think that I am getting any stronger as the times are increasing so it has been really frustrating. I have to stop mid-way or change positions if I do continue most days. I am up to 2 minutes planking and 33 push-ups. I am a little half way through the challenge, so I really don’t want to stop but it is a big struggle.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did go to a BodyPump class.

What is my goal for next week?

I just want to be more consistent. I would like to do a real workout at least 4 days this next week, and try to get to the gym for a class a couple times.

Fitness Thoughts:

I feel like I am getting into a rut. This rain we are having is really making me just want to curl up with a good book (because I have my reading mojo back). I need to get jazzed about working out again. I am hoping getting to some classes will spark something again. This week I just felt blah about exercise.

This was me all week.


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Do you ever get into a workout rut?

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