The Mom Workout

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite Mom inspired strength training moves.

Who needs the gym when you are a mom? We totally have a workout circuit in every day life to sculpt our Mom Bods.

1. Bicep Curls- Because carrying that carseat just gets harder every day.


2. Calf Raises- Because of all the tip-toeing that occurs because you just got that baby to sleep after crying for the longest stretch of time ever.

3. Squats- Because you have to keep the baby upright while you hold him but your kid has thrown his pacy on the ground again. So squats you do so you don’t capsize the baby.

4. Squat Pulses- Because you have to spend 30 minutes bouncing your baby to sleep so you might as well get a good burn for it.

5. Stretches in General- There are many variations of stretches. You have the “I’m holding the baby asleep, but my water glass is just out of reach” stretch. Then there is the “I’m sitting on the play mat with kiddo and his toy is not in his reach but yet he can’t move to get said toy and he is crying for it.” Then the favorite of “I’m holding this kid’s legs so he wont smear poop everywhere but I need to get those wipes on limited range of motion.”

6. The Sprint- Because you inevitably didn’t park next to the cart return, so you have to put the baby in the car and then sprint the cart back to the return and then sprint back to the car. Or you can just repeat the bicep curl and carry that stinking carseat.

7. Shoulder Press- Because you get the best giggles when you lift your kid up in the air over your head, so you proceed to do it a thousand times.


8. Chest Flys- Because of peek-a-boo.

9. Cardio- Because pushing that stroller with baby and diaper bag is no easy thing.

10. Swimming- Because once your baby learns how to splash at bath time it feels like you just did laps yourself.

11. Burpee Variation- Because inevitably when I am sitting or laying down, that child needs something. But once I get up he just smiles and no longer needs it. Then you do this on repeat for five minutes. Up, down, up, down…

12. The Ultimate Crunch- This is more of a one time deal with each baby, but let’s not forget the stomach workout it took to become a mom. I have never held a crunch as long as I did during labor. Unfortunately I did not have the six pack abs to prove this feat…

This was all in good fun, but seriously being a mom can be a hard workout at times. Our bodies are definitely “training” in various ways.

Being a mom is the most exhausting and demanding workout seeing as we are doing it 24/7, but I am having a blast doing it! And seriously I do think there are mom arms…

Here’s to all the Moms out there for all the things you do! Let’s all rock our Mom Bods!

11 thoughts on “The Mom Workout

  1. First of all, you’re adorable! And so was this post! You nailed it right on the head…this is pretty much the only exercise I get for the first 6months or so. Actually, my exercise ball gets used more when. My babies are little than any other time…because I sit on it to bounce them to sleep (shatter resistant ones only though)

  2. This is so funny! I love it. I’m sure I’ll experience the mom workout soon – and like you said, if you have to do those things anyway, you may as well make it into a workout!

    • In all seriousness, sometimes this really is the only workout I get. It really is surprising how much of a burn you can get from trying to put him asleep or carrying that dang carseat!

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