Mom Confessions

IMG_1707 (2)I think we always share our highlight reels on social media. I have been wanting to share the not so glamorous parts that most people won’t admit online. This confession link-up gave me the push to actually post it.

So here are some of my mom confessions.

  • George is the worst nap taker and refuses to take naps at home. And there is no transferring him from the car-seat or your arms without waking him up. So if he falls asleep in his car-seat while we are out, I will leave him in the car-seat until he wakes up. There have been some times where he stays in his car seat for more than 30 minutes once we get home.

IMG_1894 (533x800)

  • When I am driving and can’t find his pacy because well I am driving, I have put my finger in his mouth to calm him down. You do what you have to do sometimes.
  • I unintentionally may have flashed my entire office a couple weeks ago while I was pumping. I have blinds on my window, and I was all hooked up with boobs out when I noticed I forgot to shut them. MORTIFIED. My office is the kind though that someone would have kindly sent me a message reminding me to shut them. So I don’t think anyone saw anything, but I am still embarrassed that someone may have. Seriously my heart is pounding just thinking about it even though it was a couple weeks ago.
  • Speaking of forgetting things, every single day I think I forget to shut the garage door. Almost daily I have to circle the neighborhood to make sure that I closed it. Not once have I actually forgotten, but every day I am terrified once I get out of my neighborhood that I did. Just this morning I had to circle; and even after checking the second time out of the neighborhood, I still thought I may have forgotten.
  • The only songs I know without music are “The Star Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful,” and “Amazing Grace.” These are the only songs I sing when I rock George to sleep. So yes my kid falls asleep to the national anthem every night.
  • I use baby wipes to clean upstairs when I am too lazy to bring the cleaning stuff upstairs. Ok, I may use baby wipes to clean everywhere.
  • This is George’s original Halloween outfit. It is a 0-3 month, he will be 6 months old next week. Yes I still made him wear it in February.

IMG_1856 (800x533)What are your confessions?

17 thoughts on “Mom Confessions

  1. I love this. I’ve definitely been there. I had to circle back a couple days ago to close the garage door because I actually did forget. Glad I decided to go back and check! And I would totally keep my kid in that TMNT outfit until it wouldn’t snap anymore. My kids both had those special outfits that they wore until their circulation was cut off. And then I cried when we had to retire them.

  2. These are awesome, and I can relate to SO many of them!!! Finger as paci? YES. (By the way, you need a Wubbanub – it makes it SO much harder to lose and easier to find. Google it.) Thanks for linking up!

    • I will have to check that out. THe MAM ones are probably the best at staying in his mouth, but inevitably when I am driving they end up underneath him where I can’t reach.

  3. Gah! George is so adorable! Seriously the cutest Ninja Turtle I’ve ever seen. I love it that you use baby wipes to clean everything. I do the same and I don’t even have a baby yet hahah! Thanks so much for sharing. So happy to ‘meet’ you šŸ™‚

  4. I’m also guilty of the finger while driving thing! Luckily, Juli will suck her own thumb. A few years back, I left the garage door open. And I probably forgot to lock the door leading into the house. So scary!

    • George sucks his fingers sometimes on his own, but there are definitely times when he needs something else and pronto! It is scary to think about leaving doors open and unlocked! That’s why I panic every morning.

  5. Jimmie just started fighting naps. I finally gave in and let him sleep with a “lovie.” He fell asleep within minutes today when I handed it to him. I now check on him WAY more while he naps, but hey, if it works! He has also slept in his car seat more times than I can count after we got home. I always stay near him, but if he is asleep and you’re watching, I don’t see anything wrong with that. ESPECIALLY after you come home from the drs and they just got shots! But he doesn’t do it as much anymore. Toby usually licks him and wakes him up. We’re getting to the point where I can barely carry the car seat with him in it, those days will be gone very soon. People will probably see me sitting in the back seat, in front of my house, reading a book while he finishes his nap.

    P.S, you must have really long arms to stick your finger in George’s mouth while you’re driving . I keeps an extra pacifier in the car, at all times, in a pacifier case in a cup holder just in case I can’t find the one he went in the car with!

    • Yea we have to fight off the dogs sometimes because they LOVE to lick him while he is in his car seat. I love that you will sit in your car reading! And I never thought about my arms being long, it might just be how he sits in my car maybe? I should start carrying extra in my cupholders…

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