Snow Day

This morning I woke up to every school in the area being closed in the area except mine. So I begrudgingly got up, fed George, and got in the shower. I took my time hoping that my school would get with the picture and call for a snow day and also accepting that if they didn’t I probably would be late.

You see snow days aren’t just fun for the kids. Adults get giddy too seeing their school scroll across the bottom of the TV.

Halfway through my shower, Tom gave me the news that I did indeed have a snow day. SNOW DAY! I shaved my legs in celebration. I seriously never have time do that.

This free day off was much need after the weekend we had. It is giving us the chance to breath before having to go back to the real world.

This will probably be the only snow day the three of us ever have together. Police Officers don’t really get snow days, but since Tom is in school he got one today. (He is already back in bed for the morning.)

So we are going to do this snow day right.

Here is what is on the agenda:

  • watch 3 hours of Pretty Little Liars
  • take a nap
  • exercise for more than 15 minutes
  • read a couple chapters in my new book
  • do some laundry that I didn’t have time for yesterday
  • take some pictures of George that I didn’t get to this weekend for my photo challenge
  • write a couple blog posts I haven’t had time to complete
  • watch the SNL 40th with Tom
  • eat lots of donuts and cookies
  • And lots of this. I may just wear him all day. I didn’t put him down most of the weekend dealing with Grandma stuff. He was such a comfort.

0216150804 (2)

The nice thing about snow days is it is like a free weekend. It’s like a gift. We plan to enjoy every extra moment we get to have at home.

What do you do on your snow days? Did you get one today?

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I LOVE snow days. So far this academic year, my school has only closed campus early (at 4pm) 1 day. I guess it balances out the ridiculous amount of snow & cold days we had last year. Enjoy your snow day!

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