Fit for Me 5/52

What I did last week:

Saturday-1 hour of BodyPump. I had to stop during most songs for a breather. I thought an elephant was sitting on me during the chest track. I only made it all the way through the tricep and bicep tracks. I blame still getting over the sickness. This was my first day back after a week off.

Sunday-1 hour of BodyFlow, which is a combo of yoga and pilates. It was a little better this week, although it makes me want to buy more yoga appropriate shirts. My shirt is not long enough for most of the moves when I am “reaching” to keep my junk covered. Nobody needs to see my mom belly.

Tuesday-30 minutes on the elliptical

Impressed by:

My balance in yoga. I may have been wobbly a little but I definitely pushed myself on that track.

Struggled with:

There really wasn’t anything major that I struggled with this week fitness wise. I was pretty content about coming back after being sick and recognized that it may not be my best week.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did not make it to a Jazzercise class. Tom’s schedule is really unpredictable. The times I was going to go he had to do things for the academy. Jazzercise does not have childcare (read-I don’t want to pay more for childcare), so I went to our regular gym instead.

What is my goal for next week?

To actually work out at home Monday and Wednesday. When I get home, there are so many other things calling my attention that I forget to do my ab workout. You would think I would be able to find 20 minutes to do it, but I honestly forget about it. I set an alarm on my phone to hopefully help me.

Fitness Thoughts:

It is definitely hard getting yourself motivated after taking some time off. It would have been really easy to just stay home a few more days. I mean TGIT came back last week, and this lady has some some stuff to watch. You just have to do it though if you want to make fitness a part of your life.


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How do you get motivated after taking time off?

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