Fit for Me 4/52

I will be honest; this last week was a struggle. Sickness hit the Whitener household.

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on an elliptical.

Saturday-1 hour of BodyPump. I made it through every song! I had to do some of the modifications to do so, but I did it! Whoop Whoop!

Sunday-1 hour of BodyFlow, which is a combo of yoga and pilates. I am still up in the air if I will go again. The instruction was a little weak, and for this kind of class I need you to tell me when to do everything. Otherwise I end up in downward dog for entirely too long, or I forget to breath.

Impressed by:

I actually made it through the whole BodyPump routine, even the planks and shoulders. I high-fived myself after the class.

Struggled with:

Unfortunately, I caught whatever bug Tom had last week. It hit me Monday afternoon, so I decided to not push it and took Monday and Tuesday off from working out. We’ll see if I get back at it tonight. I may be taking the afternoon off from work due to the urging of my boss, so exercising is probably unlikely. Let’s also hope that G doesn’t get this sinus crud.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I made it through planks!!! Granted it was a modified plank, but I still didn’t drop to my stomach! Progress people.

What is my goal for next week?

To go to a Jazzercise class. Yep that is right. I am going to pull on my leotard and leggings and Jazzercise it up.

Fitness Thoughts:

It is really interesting to see people who go to different workout classes. I think each one definitely has it’s own culture.

9dbae6fdf2b646b1e6dcb6eb18823921image via

Do you work out while you are sick? I don’t attempt to because I am afraid it will make it worse.

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