Fit for Me 2/52

Here is how week two went.

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What I did last week:

Wednesday-20 minute ab workout

Thursday-30 minutes running on a treadmill (I ran alongside the Dean for Academic Affairs. That pushed me a little more than I would like to admit.)

Saturday-1 hour of BodyPump. I know that I do not work out as well when I try to do it by myself. I LOVE going to workout classes. It is like having a personal trainer except the focus isn’t solely on me. It is really motivating to be in a room full of people. I don’t compare myself to them, it’s more of we can all do this together kind of mentality. (Ok maybe sometimes I do compare myself, but it is encouraging to push myself to their level.) BodyPump was my favorite class to go to in Ames, and I am excited to finally have a place to do it again. If you are not familiar with BodyPump, it is a strength training class that guides you through weight lifting exercises. Each song focuses on a different part of your body. I love doing weights this way. This is by far my favorite workout class I have ever taken.

Sunday-I attempted to do a half hour of yoga, but it was like everything was against me. I went to the gym but you had to provide your own mat for the class (nevermind that we were also 5 minutes late). So I had to turn around and nix the idea of that class. Then I went home to do it on the Wii, but anytime I would get into downward dog, George would start crying. So it was probably a good 10 minutes of stretching instead of full out yoga. Unless making oogly faces and baby noises at George counts as exercise, than I got a full 30 minutes in.

Monday-20 minute ab workout

Tuesday-30 minutes on the elliptical

Impressed by:

I made it completely through every BodyPump song except shoulders/back without taking a break. For not having lifted in over a year, I am happy that I kept up with the class. I would have made it through shoulders/back, but I thought I was able to do more weight than I should have. So I had to take a break in the middle to switch weights and catch my breath.

Struggled with:

On the flip side, I was upset seeing how little weight I could press. I was up to a pretty high number when I left Ames (at least high for me). It was a little eye-opening to have to start completely over with a clean bar on some things. I also have no core strength, so doing abs was ridiculously difficult. I am a little embarrassed at how much weight I could push and how many crunches I could bust out, but hey I can only go up from here.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

We have figured out a schedule, but there are still little kinks to work out which is why I was late to that yoga class. I pick up George MWF and do a light ab workout while watching TV sometime that night. Tom heads straight to the gym on those nights to do his workout. Then Tom picks up G-man on T/R so I can run after work. Then I plan on doing a class on Saturday and Sunday at our gym, and Tom and I will go to the gym together. We pay $8 a month at our gym for childcare which means we are able to workout at the same time after work and on the weekends so we can really maximize our time as a family. $8 for unlimited childcare is totally worth it to make our schedule work more efficiently.

What is my goal for next week?

Work out the kinks of our schedule so I am not late to a class. I would like to make it to two classes this next week. (We have bought a yoga mat, so I guess I can’t use that as a goal…)

Fitness Thoughts:

There are so many people at the gym in January. I really hope they all stick to their fitness goals and aren’t just resolutioners. It is a lot of money to invest in a gym membership so I hope they get the most out of it!

Do you have a gym membership? What are your favorite workouts?

10 thoughts on “Fit for Me 2/52

  1. I do have a gym membership! I have started taking Cardio Dance, and am actually loving it! I wish I had a friend to take with as it would make it even more fun, but am happy with my efforts. Tonight is yoga for me! Congrats on getting a schedule worked out!!!

  2. I have a gym membership. I workout 5 days a week. I always warm up with 5 minutes of running at 6-7mph, and then continue with my weight lifting routine. I usually end with a few sets of ab work, and some stretching. If it is a shorter workout, I will run a quick mile (sub 7) to get a better sweat. I get done in under an hour, and then I head to work. I get up at 5AM to get my workout in.

    Looks like you are making good progress, nice attitude too.

  3. I love our gym here and couldn’t wait to get back after 2 years in Korea so I could join it again. Thankfully my baby is now in preschool and heading to full day school in the fall because they’ve bumped up daycare to $20 a month from $10. I’d still pay it though haha

    I really need to get into a class. I think we have body pump at our gym. Not sure the last time I took a class was but Im sure it would definitely push me harder. Right now I just do weights and cardio on my own with a friend.

    • Classes are the way to go for me. I get so jazzed up in them. It is something about the environment that pushes me to go all out and not stop when I probably would have if I was doing it alone. I would highly recommend BodyPump!

  4. My goal for this week is to attend one fitness class at the gym. I’d love to go to more, but I figure it’s best to start small. Hopefully we will both meet our goals this week!

    • Starting small is always a good idea when it comes to working out. Ease your body into it. Classes are so much fun! I hope you meet your goal! I whipped mine out today!

  5. I got a gym membership mid-December. Hate the cost, but it’s within walking distance of our house so you can’t beat the convenience (frankly I choose this one b/c I couldn’t make an excuse not to go due to distance, etc.) Couldn’t handle my life without fitness any longer.

    They have all of the les mills classes, but I haven’t taken any of them yet…very intimidated. I’ve always done zumba, but the only time they offer that is during the day while I’m at work. Happy to hear that you enjoy the body pump class. It’s one of the ones they offer in the evenings.

    • Convenience is always nice! I use the gym on campus during the week because it is easier than driving across town to our gym we pay a membership to. I just wish campus had classes, but alas they do not. I really recommend any of the Les Mills classes. I really haven’t found a class that I have found worthwhile, but BodyPump is my favorite. Don’t me intimidated! All the instructors and (participants) are really welcoming and do a great job making the workout for you.

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