TV Review: The Bachelor

Anyone else obsessed with the Bachelor this season?

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This is probably the most excited I have been to watch a season since I started watching in high school. (Yes I have been watching this train wreck for more than a decade now.)

I don’t know if it is the connection I have with Iowa (Seriously y’all it is a gem of a place to live. I will always feel a smidge Iowanian even with my brief time as a resident. It is a wonderful place to live, and I miss it.) Also he did go to Iowa State, so he must be something special.

Or if my obsession is because I have fallen to their marketing ploys of the “most dramatic season ever.”

Either way I am hooked.

I follow several Bachelor(ette) monikers on Instagram because I need to know what is really happening in these people’s lives. Does that make me crazy? Who cares, because I like looking at Trista and Ryan’s gorgeous kids.

Back to this season for Prince Farming.

I do like that they are going to be staying in the US for most of the season. There is something about the extravaganza of the world-wide traveling that I haven’t always agreed with. Although traditionally you don’t see tractor races in LA, staying in the US in general seems more practical and realistic to me.

As for the women, I feel like there is a bigger emphasis on the drinking this season. I honestly don’t remember as many drunkards in past seasons. Get it together ladies. You can drink, but know when you start to get sloppy.

It is still too early in the game for me to have a clear favorite. I also feel like the women are so vastly different it is hard to say what his type is.

And he apparently believes in the idea of kissing a lot of frogs to find your princess mentality. Holy cow. I feel like he has already kissed all the women, and it is week two. Which I think was so surprising because of his disposition you just don’t think he is going to move that fast.

I don’t think that a lot of these women have accepted the fact that they will need to move to Iowa if they end up with Chris. There are a lot of comments made that make me wonder if they actually are paying attention to what Chris has said.

I think we all have skeletons or weird things about us. Fortunately for us we aren’t on national television. So I don’t want to judge right out whether someone is crazy or not, but I am concerned about Ashley S. They are not showing her best side, or if they are, then I am really concerned that the show is just taking advantage of her antics for ratings.

But I guess that is the point of the show…

I do always wonder though, if they [producers] encourage the Bachelor to pick certain people. Some of them you wonder how in the heck they make it through each week.

I heard an interview with Chris recently, and he does say he is in love but would not disclose if he was engaged or not. As a romantic, I am always hopeful that they find that love. But I also know these are not the most ideal or realistic situations to do so. In the decade of this show, I don’t think there are even 10 couples that have made it.

But those “rooming with my boyfriend’s 20 other girlfriends” antics are what keep me coming back every season. I love the drama!

Do you watch the Bachelor? Do you have a favorite for Chris?

8 thoughts on “TV Review: The Bachelor

  1. I too get way too excited for this show every season and am already hooked! I agree, I am tired of too many girls getting drunk. So far I really like Jade because, frankly, she isn’t caked in make-up. I agree that many of these girls don’t seem like they would like a simple life in Iowa. It’s like they want to “win” and then see if maybe they could make it work, but I don’t see someone like Ashley I. being happy there. I’m excited for more!

    • I like Jade and Kelsey. They both seem real and down to earth to me. I think the show has created a monster in contestants by always picking the next Bachelor(ette) from the previous season. I think some go in thinking well I can just become the next person. Granted I love Iowa, and think that people would actually enjoy the simple life (but let’s talk about how much money he has), I don’t think they are ready to leave their own jobs (aka Jillian).

  2. Oh my goodness! I am hooked on Farmer Chris. We have viewing parties at our house, every week. #CornMondays 🙂

    Ashley S seems like a legitimate nutcase. I can’t decide whether or not I like Britt, even though Chris really does. I like Tracy, although they haven’t shown her much. I liked Mackenzie, until the whole “nose” and “alien” conversation.

    I’m captivated by the whole thing!!

    • Mackenzie seems way too young for all of this. Her nose obsession was definitely off-putting. You could tell he was trying to be nice, but it was awkward. I go back and forth on Britt too.

  3. Goodness, I really enjoy The Bachelor. I used to HATE it… I even wrote a blog post about how I would never watch it back when I had a baby blog… Boy have I eaten my words. 😉

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