Book Review: The American Experience in Vietnam: Reflections on an Era

I received this book from Zenith Press as compensation for my review. All these thoughts are my own.


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This is the same company who provided Medal of Honor to me a month ago. I was really happy to view this book as well. Much like the last, this book is like a piece of art to my history nerd soul.

This one chronicles our [United States] involvement in the Vietnam war. I don’t know about your education, but all the way up to high school, we never really made it past WWII in our history classes. With my history major, I concentrated on early American history or World War II so again I never really studied the Vietnam war.

Until I met Tom.

This is one of his favorite time periods to study. He finds what was going on with society and with the warfare fascinating. I could not even begin to count how many documentaries I have seen over the years about this war because of his intrigue.

This book is a great one stop shop if you want a quick reference. I really enjoy the social spins that they put into the book. I am a sociology historian at heart my friends. And again the photos they have throughout are fantastic (In a humbling and tragic way).

There is something about looking at history in books that I just find inspiring. I can just dive into those pages and get a good sense of what was. And this one does a superb job peaking my interest.

This is a great book, and I am sure our family will thumb through it’s pages for years. And hey George may even use it for his history classes on down the road. With his parents, he is a history nut in the making.

Ok I can stop talking about my kid being in school now…

You can find the book at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, or you can go here.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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