Book Review: Medal of Honor

I received this book from Zenith Press as compensation for my review. All these thoughts are my own.


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I was really excited to be contacted to review this book. Military history? Count me in.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award one in the military can receive. This book, The Medal of Honor:  A History of Service Above and Beyond, is a beautiful book depicting the medal’s story.

Each chapter is about a different war time period in our country’s history. They have gorgeous photos, personal stories, and a detailed history on the medal.

I really enjoy it because it does put things in perspective of the time you are looking at and how the medal was perceived then. I really enjoy looking at it chronologically and how it has evolved. And I just love looking at the photos throughout too.

I wish that more of my history books were written and developed as this book was. History books get a bad rap for being dull and boring, but I think if more were displayed like this, we would think differently. (I am biased because I loved history so I didn’t find them all boring.)

I can definitely see this being a “coffee table” type of book that can be easily picked up and perused with very little time or you could spend a lot of time looking at it all and delving into the details.

You can find the book at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, or you can go here.

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