Oh Hey Target, Just Go Ahead And Take My Paycheck

I think we have all been there. We walk into Target on a mission for one thing, and we come out with a cart full of random things.

Every. Single. Time.

Have you seen this video?

Pretty much standard routine when you have a Target trip planned.

I read this list a while back, and it has inspired me to make my own. Now that we are in the shopping season (with the holidays and a new house), I felt I should make myself a list of things I should avoid the next dozen times we go to the store looking for light-bulbs.

Here are the things I cannot resist from Target…

1. Watches- This is an accessory I wear everyday, and Target makes me feel the need to match the watch to my outfit of the day much like my shoe collection.


image via

2. Carter Baby Clothes-scratch that…any baby clothes. Even before I had George, I wanted to buy all those damn things. I mean seriously outfits that make babies look like adults need to be in my house. And all those footie pajamas!

baby clothes

image via

3. Scarves- This is why I have a wall of them that can also double as decoration. Fall, winter, spring, summer, I don’t care. I wear scarves all year round.


image via

4. Cardigans- I just want them all. I will take one in every color and pattern thank you.


image via

5. Swimsuits- I don’t even wear all of the ones I have, why do I need more? Because they are pretty, that’s why.

swim suits

image via

6. Decorative Pillows- Because my couch needs to feel pretty as well. And there is nothing that makes me feel like an adult more than seeing pretty new pillows in the living room. Ok maybe bills make me feel like an adult, but at least pillows make me feel good about that status.


image via

7. Collegiate room decorations-Hello I am 29, and I don’t live in a small square room anymore. Why is this neon clock and matching cork board so appealing? (FYI I normally don’t buy these things, but I feel the urge every visit. And I will stand in this aisle for an unreasonable amount of time contemplating how I will use said college decoration. It is a time sucker aisle for me. You may ask, then why do you go down that aisle. I don’t know, and you can take your judgy eyes elsewhere.)


image via

8. Athletic garb- Because if I buy new workout clothes, I will feel more inclined to workout. That generally works for about 2 weeks…

athletic gear

image via

9. All the stationery, planners and journals- I just can’t even. I need to write in everything. The thank yous, the notes, planning all the activities, the to-do lists…Target is getting my life organized people. And doing it fashionably at the same time! I can’t even recall a time that I have not walked out with a new set of cards.


image via

10. Seasonal kitchen towels- They are generally in the $1 aisle, and this is about as festive as my decorating goes for most holidays.


image via

Now what did I need again? Let me pull out my list (paper provided by Target) to check!

Also this serves as a nice Christmas list if anyone wants to know what to get me.

Have you ever been sucked in by Target? What are your “can’t avoid” items? Will I see you in the same aisle staring at the same things?

12 thoughts on “Oh Hey Target, Just Go Ahead And Take My Paycheck

  1. I’m pretty good with Target – I go in, get what I need, and get out for the most part. The only thing that draws me in is the dollar section – and that’s about all the decorating I do too! I currently have gobs of Christmas window clings up…

  2. target, its my weakness, I can’t leave ever with just what I went in there for, even if it was just to waste some time on my lunch break!!! I think that place is cursed. lol

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