Crocheted Bearded Beanie

As I said we had to go all out for George’s first holidays. So one Halloween costume was not enough. Plus my friends challenged me to make George the cutest Halloween baby, so I couldn’t let them down.

I have had this hat pinned on Pinterest for years, so it was great to finally have a baby to make it for.


Here is the pattern that I used.

Again, newborns of the world are much larger than George apparently. I did the extra small sizing for both the beard and the hat. As you can see he is swimming in it. He is the only thing extra small here.

At least he can grow into it.

I just used left over yarn again since it doesn’t take very much. I have so much yarn so it is nice to find projects to use those left overs for.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. So let’s cover more faces with this!

It was perfect for my lazy lumberjack.


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