Crocheted Bearded Beanie

As I said we had to go all out for George’s first holidays. So one Halloween costume was not enough. Plus my friends challenged me to make George the cutest Halloween baby, so I couldn’t let them down.

I have had this hat pinned on Pinterest for years, so it was great to finally have a baby to make it for.


Here is the pattern that I used.

Again, newborns of the world are much larger than George apparently. I did the extra small sizing for both the beard and the hat. As you can see he is swimming in it. He is the only thing extra small here.

At least he can grow into it.

I just used left over yarn again since it doesn’t take very much. I have so much yarn so it is nice to find projects to use those left overs for.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. So let’s cover more faces with this!

It was perfect for my lazy lumberjack.


Crocheted Baby Dinosaur Hat

The first year of a baby’s life you kind of have to go all out for all the holidays. Since Halloween was George’s first holiday, of course that meant we had to do some special costumes.

Because he is only 2 months old, I figured this would be perfect since we would not be embarking on the trick or treating part. Partially naked babies are ok then.


I felt that this would be a good opportunity to mark some things off my bucket list by crocheting something and having this be George’s 9 week photo shoot. Win win.

I found a pattern on Ravelry. Here is the link.

I just used yarn I had left over from other projects, but I think it is the basic yarn you can get at Walmart. It does not take very much yarn at all, so don’t go and buy a whole skein unless you like the colors for other projects.


The hat and cape are really easy to do. If I remember correctly it took me maybe an hour to do.

The pattern did rounded scales, but I could not figure out the “magic circle.” Seriously, it was a whole night of me grumbling through YouTube videos trying to get it. So I finally gave up and did triangles instead, which took me about 30 minutes to make all of them. I did two different sizes of triangles, but you can’t really tell from the pictures so I think you could do all the same size or all different. You could also do a lot more than I did and have them closer together. I spaced mine out pretty far. It’s one of those things that is whatever strikes your fancy.

The other note about this pattern is to be aware of the sizing. It says newborn, but George is 2 months old and it is a little of a roomy fit. Granted he weighs about the same as some bigger newborns, but still. Since this is my second go at making a successful hat, I didn’t want to deviate from the pattern to attempt to make it smaller. So be aware if you are making it for a little one in your life.


This was also the week that George actually started liking to lay on his tummy, so that worked out nicely for the photos. I thought it was going to be a whole day ordeal trying to get these shots seeing how tummy time went for him in the past. It ended up only taking me about a half hour, which is a huge deal in terms of baby pictures. Successful Halloween!

What were you for Halloween? Did you make your own costume?