Talks with Tom #28

In recent weeks, there have been so many new parent conversations with Tom that have left me dying laughing or with my jaw on the floor. Unfortunately, I always think I am going to remember them to post, but then soon forget before I have time to write a post.

Just know, we are having lots of extra giggles due to our sleep deprivation and new parentdom.

This particular one happened late at night after George wet the bed.

I was changing the sheets, and Tom was holding a fussy George. (I mean who wouldn’t be fussy after wetting the bed?)


We had just fed him, but he wasn’t really settling down.

Me-Maybe he is still hungry.

Tom-Uh, yea I am going to guess he is still hungry since he just latched on to my nipple.

George will latch on to anything when he is hungry…collarbones, bibs, his own hand, my hair, the inside of my elbow…

Tom has resorted to letting this happen fairly often now to keep the fussiness at bay while we are trying to get bottles and milk ready for him.

The things we do as parents.

But seriously, I would do anything for this face.


On a related note, George’s due date was today. Crazy to think we were supposed to be just meeting him now, but he has been on the outside now for 3 weeks.

He also got to meet one of his cousins this week.

They were seriously adorable together. Ava was so sweet with him. She has volunteered to be his babysitter and teach him all the words. George of course was perfectly content being dotted on all weekend.

I can’t wait to watch them grow up together!

sept 12 2014 129

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