Read All About Baby Shower #2

Other than the popcorn bar that I had for shower #1, the only other theme I wanted for a shower was books.

I love books, and I hope that George has a tenacity for diving into stories as well.

So I gave my sister-in-law the task of doing a simple book theme for our shower in Tom’s hometown, and I adored what she came up with.


My sister-in-law, Emily, and my niece

Book Themed Baby Shower

All the centerpieces were piles of books.

Baby Shower Activity

Again, I didn’t want typical “measure the tummy” kind of activities. Emily brought plain white onsies and iron on art. Very practical!

Baby Shower Activity

There were all kinds of sizes of onsies and designs the guests could choose from.

Baby Shower Activity

These homemade ones are some of my favorite onsies! So much fun!

Book Themed Baby Shower

All the decorations had book pages on them. So simple but perfectly sweet.

Book Themed Baby Shower

Everything was so cute.

Book Themed Baby Shower

Those cupcakes were delicious.

Book Themed Baby Shower

The spread.

Book Themed Baby Shower

The layout. It was fun to have the baby shower in the church where we got married.


Ava was my little helper with the gifts. She is very invested in her cousin.


Tom’s grandma made this quilt. It is beautiful and wonderful. The colors are so perfect, even more so with the elephants.


She adores her Nuncle Tom.


Oh goodness, we are going to be parents.

 We loved both of our showers. We were so thankful for those who were there in person and in spirit!

10 thoughts on “Read All About Baby Shower #2

  1. I love this theme for a shower, my bf is expecting her first in Dec. (a boy) and we are having a Book themed baby shower for her in Oct. Looks like your’s turned out so cute!!!!

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