That Time I Clapped at My Husband

Pregnancy hormones are a trip.

This weekend I was finishing up some laundry upstairs, and it was close to dinner time.

I hollered down the stairs to see if Tom was up for grilled cheese for dinner.

My husband makes the best grilled cheese, hands down. So naturally, what 7ish months pregnant woman wouldn’t want them?

He replied with a “Sure.” (In my head, that meant, Tom was getting up to make them right that minute.)

I put away the remaining laundry, and then made my way downstairs. I would say at least 5 minutes (maybe 10) had passed at this point.

Tom was still sitting on the couch, so I reminded him with a, “Grilled Cheese?”

He nodded and then started talking about something online that he was reading.

A couple more minutes passed. I replied with another, “Grilled Cheese?” (Is he going to get the point that I need food like yesterday?)

He kept yammering on about who knows what.

I am not really sure what came over me, but then I started clapping at him and emphatically said, “I need some grilled cheese now.”

For the most part, I am not this demanding. (At least, I would like to think I am not.) However, I am to the point where if I have food set in my mind it needs to happen within the next five minutes.

Or apparently a clapping diva comes out.

Tom has been very patient with me and my random hormonal moments. He has been good at giving me back and foot rubs and getting me more water when I am out or anything else that I ask. He has been very attentive to my pregnancy woes.

We had a good laugh about this for the rest of the evening after enjoying grilled cheese.

Maybe now he will get the point though on the first try…


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 Have you had random demanding moments? Did pregnancy make you do silly things?

12 thoughts on “That Time I Clapped at My Husband

  1. Haha. Unfortunately, I totally know how this goes!!!

    PS. I’m crocheting a basket weave blanket since I remembered that you had made one! 🙂

  2. This cracked me up! I have yet to clap at my husband but I’m not going to be surprised if it happens one of these days. My latest crazy pregnancy move was deciding at 1am that I had to know more about cloth diapers NOW or we were going to be in trouble. I researched options and it was 230 before I realized it was kind of ridiculous.

    • It is silly preggo brain, but we are trying to make sure we are prepared for the little beans by eating the appropriate things and doing the necessary research! It all makes sense!

  3. This really made me laugh because I could completely see myself doing this to Zach. And while I haven’t yet clapped at him I’ve definitely thought about it when dinner is his turn. Nobody messes with a lady’s dinner, especially not a pregnant lady’s!! 🙂

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