Crochet Clamshell Blanket

I finally have a new project to share! I know I have said it before, but I love making blankets for presents.

This particular project was for a graduate student I worked with at Iowa State. She just recently finished her Master’s program, and I wanted to congratulate her graduation.

I chose Iowa State colors for her to commemorate her time in Ames. Happy times Angie!

Yellow Yarn

I bought these large skeins at Walmart in red, yellow, and white. I cannot remember how many skeins I used, but I know I had to make at least two different trips because I ran out.

I used an N (9.00mm) hook.

I followed this pattern here. She does an excellent job with her instructions. It is probably one of the best written instructions I have used.

I will say this was a tricky pattern at first. You work in a three row pattern, with each row in that triple being a different stitch combo. The first dozen rows were a pain in the rear end until I finally got a hang of the pattern. I think a lot of the trickiness at the beginning is just figuring out the varying stitches and how to hold it with not much blanket there.

I believe it took me about a month and a half to finish this.

Clamshell Crochet

In the end, the pattern looks really lovely.

Clamshell Crochet

It is a square shaped blanket that is about the width of a queen-sized mattress.

Clamshell Crochet

What do you think?

I have two more blankets I need to whip out here in the next two months, so I better get cracking!

Do you have any good crochet patterns to suggest?

5 thoughts on “Crochet Clamshell Blanket

  1. This is AMAZING! I kinda learned to crotchet on YouTube, but I’m SOOO slow. I saw another mom doing it the other day and she made an entire hat in like 45 minutes. I’d love to be able to do something like this.

    • Just keep at it! You get faster with practice. It also depends on the pattern/stitches on how past you can go. Some I can do without looking and whip through, others I have to look at the patter for every row and watch very carefully. It comes with patience! But I love it!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, my best friend is pregnant and I want to make her a blanket. I’ve crotched many in the past but have the worst problems starting them. So I need to get on it, although she’s not due till December so I have a little time.

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