Friday Filter-Movie “Neighbors”

Last weekend as part of birthday weekend, Tom and I went to see the new movie Neighbors, which star Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.


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This is a comedy about new parents and their struggles when a fraternity moves next door. At first they try to be cool and friendly with the fraternity to remain hip, with it and now. They eventually realize that the fraternity’s party ways will interfere with their child’s sleep routine and their sanity.

After trying to go about it the nice way, the two parents call the cops for a noise complaint which ignites a war between the fraternity and parents.

There are a lot of ridiculous prank antics and debauchery that ensue.

The movie was absurd. There were so many far stretched scenarios that I feel were just put in to fill time. There were some funny moments, but a lot of it was “um that would never happen.”

I also think it is funny that Hollywood still thinks that college is done after 4 years, no questions asked. It is not like we kick them out once that 8th semester hits.

I will say that we probably found it funnier than maybe we would have a year ago because we are about to be new parents ourselves. A lot of the conversations that the parents in the movie were having about their life being centered around breast-feeding and sleep cycles and the feeling of not being young anymore are conversations that we are having ourselves. My favorite scene is where Mac and Kelly (the parents) were laying in bed saying what “grown up” things that get them jazzed about life like the smell of coffee and tupperware. Tom and I love being grown-ups (except the bill paying part).

This was a fun light-hearted movie. It was one of those that was just so silly and stupid that it makes you laugh. However, I will say that it is better than some other films that Seth has starred in, so there is that.

And a movie with Zac Efron and Dave Franco? I mean come on, that is at least a few points in the win column.

Will I ever watch this movie again, probably not. It was fun for the birthday weekend extravaganza, and it meant I got an ICEE and a soft pretzel.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Filter-Movie “Neighbors”

  1. Parker and I watched it last weekend too! It was really funny, but it was a lot raunchier than I expected. There were kids in our theater, and I was like “seriously parents, get your kids out now. so inappropriate” lol. It had me laughing, but you’re right. I was in a sorority and the movie was so far fetched for that part.


  2. I want to see this movie so bad! I love me some Zac! I’m sure I’ll be able to relate. Especially since John attempts to have a frat star night every time we visit home.

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