Being Still

This week Tom has been out at the range with overnight training, so the dogs and I have had full reign of the house.

I have been taking advantage of the time to myself and making myself be still.

I don’t do still very well.

But a month long episode of nausea will make a person not want to move.

Because of my health concerns over the last month, my doctor has restricted me to no activity over walking or yoga for a few weeks. (A doctor restriction sounds a lot more serious than we believe it to be. I just need to slow down a bit to keep it that way. No worries friends!)

So I have to be still.

This is so hard for me, but it has been really good for me at the same time.

I have taken the time to breathe more, to sleep more, to not worry about connecting online as much.

It’s just me and the dogs.

While I like being busy and having things to do, it is so important for us to take time to be still. You can reconnect with yourself and listen to what your body needs.

So I am still here. I am just taking some time to be still.

Now if I can just get the dogs to be still, we would all be great in the Whitener household. Just kidding, I enjoy watching their energy.


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6 thoughts on “Being Still

  1. I don’t do still very well either, even though I know that it’s good for me. Taking that time to really listen and be quiet, be the rock in the stream if you will, it’s my goal, but it’s not always achieved.

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