Saying Goodbye to the Taurus

We have been on the hunt for a new car since the beginning of last fall. We test drove a few cars, and scoured websites for months. We knew we wanted to pay as much cash as possible so we were just waiting for the right price and car to come along.

My first car was a GMC Jimmy, and I really missed the SUV factor. I knew I wanted to upgrade up to a crossover type car if not SUV. However there is a price that comes along with those.

We kind of stumbled upon the car of choice. It was not one we had originally set out looking at. However the price kept showing up in the area we were willing to go for. After test driving a Dodge Journey, I knew that it was the car that would eventually end up in our driveway. I was just in love with it!

But then comes the part of saying goodbye to your old vehicle.

I have had my Taurus for 7 years now. I got it right before my trek to South Carolina for grad school. There was no way my Jimmy was going to make the drive, and I needed something that was able to get great gas mileage for the inevitable trips across half the country during those couple years. And the deal we made for this gal was really astonishing and too hard to pass up! It is a great feeling to walk out of a dealership and own the car outright!

 2014-02-15 17.11.08

The Taurus got me through 5 different moves:

  • Missouri to South Carolina
  • SC to Florida
  • Florida back to SC
  • SC to Iowa
  • Iowa to KY

I still had parking passes from Worlds of Fun, Clemson and University of Central Florida plastered on it’s windows.

We drove to Savannah to get engaged in this car.

I drove to our wedding in this car.

We brought Grace home in this car.

I picked up Tom after his deployment in the car.

I can’t even fathom how many road trips have happened in this car. Most of her miles are highway miles.

I have said many goodbyes from the driver side door over the last 7 years.

While it was nothing like my Jimmy, but it served me well (except for that one breakdown in Oskaloosa, IA). She had the practicality that I needed. She was a fighter down to the last drive we had. And I have had countless memories in the driver seat.

We have entered a new era though. We needed to upgrade before things continue to change for us. It was not as travel friendly with two dogs. And with the plans of a baby in the future we knew we needed something with a little more wiggle room. And I am not really a car person per say, so I really wanted something to fit our lifestyle a little more. And although, she was a fighter, the Taurus was showing her age.

So we have been saving and waiting.

This week we finally saw the car that was at a price and qualities we couldn’t pass up.

So we drove 40 minutes away from Ft. Campbell to check her out.

And we ended up driving home with a newly owned Dodge Journey!

It is a 2013 with only 5,000 miles. And we believe we got away with a steal price wise. So we feel really fortunate to have a pre-owned car that is practically new!

Here she is!

2014-02-16 10.26.51

It is the first non-red car I have owned, which I found exciting!

It has SOOOO much room! The dogs are going to love traveling in it. There is a 3rd row seating option, which I feel will be really handy in the future because we are going to have this car for a long time.

They are a lot like Ford Edges and Chevy Equinoxes if you want something to compare it to.

I have a touch screen control panel which is nuts! There are a lot of new things I am going to have to adjust too. The technology in this car is just redonkulous. I didn’t even have key-less entry in the Taurus.

And what is super great, I get the same gas mileage that I did in the Taurus in this Dodge!

I could keep going on an on about the positives, but I will spare you.

I am just so pumped to have this car! It is still weird to walk out to the carport and see it and remember it is mine though.

Have you ever had a hard time saying goodbye to a car? Do you get attached to your vehicles?

6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Taurus

  1. When Stephen was deployed the last time, we downsized to just one car. I loved my 4Runner, but it was such a terrible purchase (so expensive! so big!) that I was honestly relieved to sell it. After moving to Germany, we sold off our Carolla. I wasn’t sad, but Stephen was. It was the first car that he bought himself, so I think he just felt a little sentimental.

    Sounds like your Taurus saw you through quite a lot. Just think of all the adventures and exciting changes you’ll experience with your new car! Congrats on the new purchase!

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