30 before 30 Update

One month down since I decided to do this 30 before 30 thing.

So here is my first update. I think it has been a good start to this 18 month challenge.

1.      Crochet something else besides blankets or scarves-so something that isn’t straight lines.

·         I have some ideas for Christmas presents, so I may have an update next month.

2.      Do a 30 day photography challenge

·         I need to do it in a month where we aren’t traveling a whole bunch. The hardest part is making a commitment to get the camera out ever day.

3.      Visit 3 cities I have never been to before

·         Well, I went to Russellville, MO for a wedding, but I am not sure it counts because we didn’t really “see” the town. But I guess I am the one in charge of this challenge so I can make my own rules.

4.      Tour at least one of the distilleries in the area

·         Nothing.

5.      Send at least 5 snail mail a month

·         I actually sent 9 letters! Also, this was a great excuse to buy new stationary.

6.      Become a “professional” photographer

·         This is in the works! Anybody have any photography needs? I am for hire!


One of my favorites from my most recent family sessions.

7.      Run at least 5 races (any distance)

·        I have plans in the works.

8.      Go camping with Tom

·         We have plans for this for next summer for our anniversary.

9.      Pay for the car behind me in a drive through

·         Not yet.

10. See Tyrone Wells live again

·         Nope.

11. Tour Fort Defiance here in Clarksville

·         This is more of a summer thing.

12. Water ski with my dad

·         Also summer.

13. Do a 5K with my mom

·         Nothing.

14. Take a swing dance class with Tom

·         I am still trying to convince Tom to do this with me. This may come near the end of the challenge.

15. Read at least one fun book a month and one professional development book every three months

·         I have no excuse for this one. I am still in a reading rut, but I did start the last in the Castle series this week, so hopefully I will catch up in December.

16. Take a pottery or stained glass class

·         Things have been too crazy schedule wise to make this happen yet.

17. Learn how to make sushi

·         No plans yet.

18. See both a Clemson and UCM football game live

·         This will have to wait until fall.

19. Volunteer with MCFOTS and Special Olympics on a regular basis

·         I am still waiting on some paperwork from Special Olympics. This week, I started at MCFOTS (the animal shelter we got Crosby). I love it so much! It is a good thing there is a limit on how many pets we can have on base because there were two dogs that I almost took home with me. Grace is not very happy with me doing this though. She is so mad that I have cheated on her. I will deal with her hateful stares though because this is seriously awesome!

20. Explore Land Between the Lakes

·         Summer plan.

21. Ride in a hot air balloon

·         This will take some work and research.Tom hates heights, so either this will take some convincing or I will need to find other people to embark on this journey with me.

22. Go to at least 10 “new to me” restaurants in Clarksville.

·         We have been to two:  China One and King Mao. Tom and I love Chinese restaurants, and they usually are part of our weekly date nights. It was no surprise that these were our new places, however I still think our online ordering is the best out there. Any of my Clarksville friends have suggestions?

23. Stay at a bed and breakfast

·         Working on it.

24. Spend a day without electronics (phone, t.v. and computer)

·         I am thinking about doing it a day over winter break.

25. Go to the Kentucky Derby

·         I would really like to do this for my 30th birthday since it is a week before my day. This would be enough time to save money too because it is expensive!

26. Go to non-touristy parts of Nashville

·         I did this weekend! My supervisor from grad school was in town! We had a mini Clemson reunion downtown with dinner.

nashville trip

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and then walked around downtown for a little bit. Tom got 2 pounds of taffy from a candy shop there, which he promptly ate half of on the way home.

27.Watch at least 10 movies that I have not seen before that won Best Picture at the Oscars and at least 10 documentaries (not necessarily Oscar winning)

·         I need to do some research and make a list of the Best Picture films I would want to watch and put them on our Netflix queue. As for the documentaries, we tried watching one on Zombies. Yes, this is true, but we only made it through 10 minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore. It was so absurd.

28. Sew an item of clothing from scratch.

·         We think our sewing machine is out for the count, so this may be on hold or need to be changed on whether we can get it fixed or get a new one.

29. Find a church home here in Clarksville

·         I believe we may have found a church that we both like. Tom and I have different tastes in how we like to enjoy worship, so this is an adventure trying to find a good mix for both of us. 

30. Become a mom

·         Working on it. *wink wink*

So there you have it. Not too shabby for my first month. We’ll see what I can mark off this month. December is going to be pretty nuts since we have so many things planned for the holiday time. Wish me luck!

Anyone want to join me on any of these excursions?

6 thoughts on “30 before 30 Update

  1. I was reading your list and I started thinking, I should do this too. Then I realized that 30 is coming up fast for me. Haha! I don’t think I have enough time to add more goals.

  2. I did a list like this for the year before I turned 30. I loved working on it throughout the year. I also did a 30 day photo challenge. It allowed me to try out different techniques and explore new locations in my city. If you don’t get a chance to attend the Kentucky Derby, I would highly recommend doing the tour of the Derby museum and Churchill Downs. I did that while I was in Louisville for ACPA in 2012, and thought it was fantastic. If you want to do a mini-book group with professional development reading, I’d be interested. I’ve been meaning to do some serious pro dev reading and I really like having the opportunity to discuss with others what I’m reading. Good luck with your accomplishing your list!

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