Holiday Decor

We have plans to be with family for a good portion of December, and Tom and I are pretty practical home decorators. Not that we don’t love the holiday spirit, but we didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time decorating when we wouldn’t be here to enjoy it. Plus we don’t have room for a tree, so we decided to keep it pretty minimal on the Christmas decorating.

So the 2 tubs of holiday decor has stayed packed away.

However, we did want some holiday spirit, and we needed a new wreath to replace our fall one.

This was quite a craft affair. It was one of those times that you can’t get your idea to pan out as you plan.

We tried putting ornaments on an old wire hanger, but we didn’t have enough. I had already spent 10 dollars on this bunch, and I didn’t want to spend anymore on another box.

2013-12-01 16.06.55

Then we tried wiring it to another wreath thing I already had. We also tried hot gluing it.

2013-12-01 16.16.15-1

Continued failure. Ugh. This has been the story of our crafting life this week. We tried getting our sewing machine to work for almost 4 hours on Friday and another hour on Saturday. We think the thing has died or the repair is going to cost more than what it is worth, which is awesome because I have used it a total of 3 times.

So admitting my defeat to the ornament wreath, I broke down and bought a 4 dollar wreath.

Final supply list:

  • ornaments
  • string of lights
  • wreath
  • picture hanging wire

We didn’t use the peacock feather ornament. That was supposed to be part of the original plan, and it just didn’t work with this one.


First, I wrapped the wreath with the lights.


I grouped 4 sets of 3 balls with the picture hanging wire. Then I just tied them on the wreath like a twist tie. Super easy!


I did a couple single ones too.


bingo, bango, bongo

This is a really easy project once we figured it out. It looks classy and simple with the same color scheme. We have several of the balls left over so I may make garland with it in the future.

wreath Collage

2013-12-08 00.05.12

It looks so great! And it is such an up-lifter coming home to this on the door.

9 thoughts on “Holiday Decor

  1. Gorgeous! It would make me happy to come home to a wreath like that. I’m (shamefully) a little relieved to see your trial and error process. It makes me feel so inadequate when I see beautiful projects and I assume it was a cinch for the person making them.

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