Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turns 57 today!

I have some pretty awesome memories of this man who raised me.

a daddy’s girl

Growing up, whenever we had to write about “a hero” or the person we wanted to be when we grew up, I always wrote about my dad. He was funny, smart, knew how to swim, played basketball, and sang. This was pretty much every essay I “wrote” in elementary school.

I thought he was so cool. And there wasn’t a subject that my dad didn’t know about. I thought he was the bomb{dot}com.

Year 92-5

Our apple tree…and ranger panties circa the 1990s. Also don’t judge that my brother and I have the same haircut.

I still do (even with the hair halfway down his back).

He taught me how to work hard for everything, and he never seemed to give me a break no matter how much I pouted for it.

He showed us how to be compassionate, encouraging, and care for others. I saw this in how treated our babysitters and his basketball players growing up and how he gave meaningful gifts to our teachers every year.

He was my coach for basketball and science teacher for several classes in high school. He never just let me have it and made me search for answers on my own so I could be independent. (Which at the time, I was so teenage angsty about it, but now I am eternally grateful.)

He was always there for me when I asked him to be, and yet knew when I needed my space to grow up a little bit. Or those times when I didn’t even know that I needed him and he was there. Like my birthday when Tom was at basic training and he and my step-mom drove 3 hours with my favorite ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins in dried ice just so I could have some piece of home.

South Carolina2010_55

Can you tell that I am his daughter?

He never gave us special treatment, but always managed to make us feel special.

He kept us grounded in morals and taking the high road. Like that time in third grade when I ripped my neighbor’s shirt and beat him up at recess after a game of Power Rangers went horribly wrong. He and my step-mom made me go apologize to his mom that night. My one scuffle at school…that apology made me never want to get into trouble again.

(My step-mom, dad, and I)
One of my favorite things growing up was watching sports with my Dad. He loves all things KC, so naturally I am a Royals and Chiefs fan. We have spread out into college teams now with Clemson, Mizzou, and ISU. We text constantly during our favorite teams’ air time with the lows and highs of the game.

He taught me so many things:  how to fish (although I’d much rather do the swimming that he taught me), the Glinn dance, that nothing in life is free, how to drive a bike/boat/car, how to perfect a jumpshot, how to crochet, how to laugh at myself, persevere, forgiveness, and most of all love.

My fondest memories are:

  • reading bedtime stories like “Shepherd of the Hills” and “Anne of Green Gables”
  • going camping
  • making Malt-O-Meal on Christmas and jello and chocolate ice cream whenever we needed a pick me up
  • ice cream on the first day of school
  • anything basketball
  • Chinese food Sundays
  • our trip to the BVI
  • church mission trips

Happity hippity, hopppppyy birthday!

I take on a lot of traits of my dad (other than his head of hair and blue eyes), and I couldn’t be happier about that!

He’s cool, he’s happening, he’s hip, he’s now. (Whenever my dad is trying to emphasize he is not getting older and can still relate to the younger crowd, he says this to himself and anyone who will listen)

Here is to many more birthdays! Happy Birthday Daddio!

And this is a reminder that you are getting old and turning into Grandpa!
(Which I have to say, is not a bad thing in our family!)

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. I aslso have fonde memories of him as well i remember when we painted my grandma Glinns house when i was 12is lol or when i would go on his away from home basjketball trips and we would listen to miami sound machiche and belt the lyrics out .. or the hot coke burping contest we weould have on those trips cuz we could not do it around mom

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