Crocheting Props

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to photograph some friends of ours and their sweet family. I made this blanket/throw in a few days for the family shoot. With all the military families around here, I felt that I could use this as a prop for various shoots.


I ended up using the family’s blankets more than this one, but I am glad that I have it now for the future.


Hobby Lobby had this “Old Glory” yarn which made it really easy to make an American blanket without switching skeins. I am all about convenience.

I did break my rule of not trying a new stitch or pattern, but I was trying to make it simple so it wasn’t the main part of the photo. I also needed to make it quick, so I alternated a single stitch row and a treble stitch row for the entire blanket. With the color switching yarn, you don’t want a lot of details anyway because it can get lost lost.


And per usual, when I try to take my blanket photos, Grace feels the need to be a model. She is pretty cute.


This is the only time I can get her to sit for photos. Crosby was no where to be found, or really just taking advantage of having the couch to himself.


To end, I leave you with some crafty videos from Ellen. These are my two all time favorite segments from the show!

Happy Hump Day!

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