Images of Fall

This weekend we had a very typical fall weekend.

We gave out Halloween candy Friday.  By the way, I am not allowed to do this anymore because I wanted to take all of those kids inside and keep them. We also gave away all the candy except one of the six bags. It was even more fun when our friend’s five year old was over after his adventure in the neighborhood to help me pass out candy. He sat at the door enticing kids to come to the door as he ate candy from the bowl. It was adorable.

2013-11-01 18.41.56

We had to barricade the dogs off, but they wanted to trick or treat too. If you didn’t notice, Grace is underneath Crosby as he tries to climb over the bench.


Friends of ours had a bonfire Friday night, which I am not sure can make you feel anymore like fall.

We played in the beauty of fall. Tom and I spent about an hour driving through the woods on base looking for that perfect fall picture. Hello leaves!

We cuddled on the couch watching Scandal last night (and probably today). I have gotten Tom addicted. Yes. While I realize Scandal may not scream fall to you, being lazy and cuddly on the couch is like that moment when you drink hot chocolate in front of the fire thing.  So to me it just lounging inside was fallish.

Today was “fall forward” daylight savings.

Hello fall!

Since I wasn’t able to show you fall earlier this year, here are some shots from yesterday. The landscape has been beautiful with the change of fall this last week!











Today we are going to watch the Chiefs, hopefully go 9 and 0! Love KC Chiefs!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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