Autumn on my Mind-Fall Fashion


“Fall Fashion Trends”

  • Do you have go to styles that you wear only during fall months? Share your favorite styles and help inspire all of us to be more creative with our fall attire and what we have in our closets.

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Here is my “gift” to the fashion world.

I have never really considered myself a fashionista. I do like to color coordinate and mix and match different hues, so sometimes my outfits seem experimental with the pairing. I would like to think that I pull it off though! A lot of this comes while growing up we didn’t shop for clothes very often, so I had to be creative with swapping around articles of clothing to “make” new outfits. And it has just kind of grown up with me into my adult wardrobe. (Although, I will admit that I shop a little bit more these days with online shopping at my fingertips. Thank you Modcloth. and Shopruche)

And one thing that can spice up any outfit like new are scarves. Yes for fall! Although, I have been wearing them all summer because my office is like an ice cube, and these make nice office blankets. Now I just don’t look like an oddball walking into work.


I have scarves from all over. Tom even got me a few from Afghanistan! I have around 25 different ones that I have collected over the years, mostly getting them at markets or on the fall sales. Very rarely did I pay over 5 dollars for one of these. This handy hanger (from IKEA) makes choosing one to wear easier, or harder since I can see them all, and love them all.


This is my newest scarf found at Walmart for 6 bucks!

These are some other fall favorites from my closet that I wore in the last week.


Yellow and blue were our wedding colors, and some how I find myself in this color combo quite a bit. It’s even better with the boots!


This shirt has elephants on it, favorite! I love that cranberry red is everywhere in the fall. It has much more of a romantic feel to it than regular primary red.


Crosby really wanted to be part of the photo shoot.


I love this shirt because it encompasses all the colors of fall in one cute whimsical top. And it has a scarf attached!


I am not the best model because I am not sure how to pose myself. Anywho, I love this casual outfit, and the fact that my shoes match my scarf!


I just love everything about this outfit. I probably have about as many cardigans that I have scarves, and I love them equally as much.

   So there you have it. A little piece of my wardrobe documented for you!

We hope to see you return on Thursday for your Fall Date Night! You can see the full schedule for our Autumn link up here.

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