Spooning til the end of time

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of watching a dear old friend say vows to his forever love.


I always love watching weddings. It brings you back to your own vows and the commitment you made to another person.

IMG_5568 IMG_5570

It is such a special thing to witness someone else’s love.

There is so much happiness and so much of their story yet to be told. There is excitement about that unknown.


It is such a great moment in time.


I am always appreciative of people who ask us to be a part of their special day for it is a great reminder about the love and joy that a marriage has! I just love a good love story! Even more so when I know the main characters!

I have been wanting to make this gift for pretty much as long as I have been on Pinterest. I was just waiting for the perfect couple to give it to. As soon as I got the wedding invitation for this couple, I knew this was for them! So I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.

I got the spoons from a thrift store in town. It was fun digging through boxes of spoons trying to pick two that were different but yet similar (Much like a couple getting married. See what I did there?).

The frame I purchased at Walmart.

Then I scoured through my books of scrapbook paper trying to find the right one sheet that I needed.

I bought etching primer so I could spray paint the spoons and have no problem with it sticking.

I also had sticker letters and spray paint.

2013-08-24 21.01.31

First, I sprayed the primer on the spoons. They only needed one coat.

2013-08-24 21.03.39

Then I spray painted everything with the navy blue paint.

2013-08-24 21.06.24

I super glued everything down on the scrapbook paper. I took the glass out of the frame since it is 3D.

2013-08-26 20.37.45

This is a simple yet fun gift to make. You can dress it up more depending on your audience, but I thought the simple effect would work well in a kitchen.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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