Fit for Me 37/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on a bike. Keeping it light before my race.

Sunday-I completed the Plaza 10k in Kansas City. This was a great race, and I actually got a PR by 20 seconds.

Tuesday-30 minutes on a bike. Keeping it light after my race.

Impressed by:

I definitely do not feel as in shape as I was a couple years ago when I ran my last 10K, but I still managed to knockout a PR this weekend. This was a great race to do so because there were minimal hills, and the weather was perfect! And I love running through my hometown.

Struggled with:

I did struggle with an IT band issue Sunday, but I managed to work through it during the run.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I DID! I am still not sure how I did it, but I did. At the 5K split, I was shocked by my time and thought, “hey I could actually do this.” So I really really pushed myself those last three miles. I may have only beat it by about 20 seconds, but I still did!

What is my goal for next week?

I just want to do three workouts this week.

Fitness Thoughts:

Race thoughts are fun, so here was what I was thinking during my race during each mile.

Before the Start: It is freezing, but I don’t want to have my jacket when I inevitably get hot later. Let’s just awkwardly walk through the crowds alone trying to keep warm. I really need to find people to run these with me.

In the corrals: Watching the sunrise is beautiful but so is sleep. Although it is not every day that I get to watch the sunrise over KC. It’s too bad the Royals weren’t playing this weekend.

Start: Alright self, your training was mediocre, but you pushed a baby out so you can do this. Stay with those girls, they seem entertaining.

Mile 1:  Ok so my goal is to run this full mile and see how I feel. Going alright, 11 minute pace isn’t bad. No big complaints yet.

Mile 2: Someone said there are a couple bad hills…I hope we aren’t going through THAT part of the Plaza. I think I may be able to run this whole mile too! Look at me go! Aww everyone is thanking the cops for coming out. I might cry. I ran this whole mile too!

Mile 3:  WTH. I need water. Where is this water stop? I need to walk. I need water. I may be dying. I think my leg might fall off. Of course my knee is fine but my thigh is on fire. I hate this. Why do I do this to myself? WATER STOP!!!

Mile 4:  That is my 5K split? Pat myself on the back! Ok so this might actually happen. Steph move your legs. Ahh that IT band is against me. Stop and stretch. There are hardly any spectators on this race. Where are all the clever signs? People have to be really rich to live down here.

Mile 5: I have so got this. WATER STOP! This is a much better race than a half marathon. I am almost done. Shoot that old grandpa is passing me. Push it, push it real good. Ugh I really need to walk, no you don’t you are almost done. There are no hills I hope there isn’t one in the last mile. Man I am sweaty. I am glad I didn’t bring my jacket.

Mile 6: Ok only one left. Thigh you better start cooperating. Lord please just give me enough energy to get to the end. Just finish this up and you can get home to your boy. Oh and BDs for lunch! I want to eat all the things!

Last 0.2:  Kick it into gear. You are so close to beating your time. There is the end. RUN!!!

End:  OMG! I did it! Where are the cookies? Why do they insist on making you stand still when they give you the medal. I just was consistently moving for the past hour, and now you want me to come to a complete stop so you can give me this medal. Holy MOLY that is the biggest medal EVER! Again, where are those cookies?


I thought about a lot of other things along the race, but that was the gist of it. Mile three was the hardest mile for me, but I actually was able to run most it outside of the water stops. I ran all of miles 1, 2, 5, and 6. Well 5 had the water stop, but I can’t run and drink water, so I don’t really count that. I managed to keep between a 11-12 minute pace for most of the race. I’d say for just having a baby a year ago, moving twice, starting a new job, AND being 30, that was a job well done. Since I had George a year ago, this was a really good reminder to always push myself to take care of my health and see what my body is capable of.

I think I may do this race again next year, and try to do some more serious training. Moving really knocked that out for me. Or I may do a completely different 10k. I really like this distance! I am a little too slow to do any better on a 5k, and I don’t think my body can handle another half marathon. I know I am not fast by any means. My next goal is to get under 1:10 for my 10K time. It’s not much off this race, but maybe I could be a little more prepared for mile 3. I also think having a running buddy would push me a little more during the day.

What are  your thoughts on race day? Do you know of some good 10Ks I can run?