Missouri, Here We Come!

It is hard to believe that this day has finally come. Right now George and I are making our way back to Missouri for good.

Like forever good.


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Tom and I have been talking about this day for years. We have been dreaming about the day that both of us would have a job that we are passionate about and be in a place close to our families.

Today, we are one step closer to making all this happen.

In a week, I will be starting a new job as a Student Success Advisor for a small college in Missouri. If I were to write my dream position, this one would be pretty darn close. I will be working with retention efforts and advising/coaching students with their academic needs. I have opportunities to work on an individual level and a campus level. And after the year I have had professionally, I could not be more excited to get my hands dirty full time.

There are a lot of implications of going back to work full time. The past week has kind of been a whirlwind trying to get everything in place and wrap my head around what is happening. But all in all, I am thrilled to feel needed professionally. It has definitely been good for my soul to get a yes after 2+ years searching.

I know all of the other details will come together because I truly believe that this is our time to have the life we have always wanted.

So George and I are becoming Missourians today. Tom and the dogs are going to stay in KY for just a little longer. Tom is working on joining us soon. We are hoping that we will only be apart for a month, but Army and paperwork always makes things interesting. Please keep us in your thoughts that this will happen as smoothly as possible.

I will be sure to write more about the move, the transition into the job, long distance once again with Tom, and also my thoughts on leaving George for more than an hour at a time. (I have shed a lot of ugly tears over this one the past week…Any advice working moms?)

I may not write soon or often; forgive me a lot of stuff is changing! But I will reflect at some time I am sure.

For now I am going to bask in the enjoyment of going home today. For there is no place like home.


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Missouri it is so good to see you! You have never looked so good!

(Maybe because it is fall adds to that factor…)