Talks with Tom #22

I feel like it has been awhile since I have shared Tom’s delightful conversations. So here are just a few nuggets for your Monday morning perusing.

Tom and I always are debating about traveling. We both go back and forth about vacations and trips home and our thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Tom-I hate traveling. There is only one trip I want to take.

Me-The island? (This is a place in the Missouri Ozarks that Tom used to go a lot as a kid.)

Tom-Well yea. And the trip is called the apocalypse. And we are never coming back.

Me-Tom, that is called moving.

Last week, a couple people actually noticed my little baby bump. Naturally, I came home really excited that I am not just arbitrarily not fitting in my pants. And this was my dear sweet husband’s response when I told him.

Tom-Pregnancy is the only time in a woman’s life that they are excited about being fat.

Thanks babe.

Tom was out in the field for most of last week for a pretty large brigade mission (I will be sharing about this next week.) He always comes home grimy and un-bathed from 3 days of wearing the same clothes in the wilderness. It’s like a big man camping trip.

Tom-Sometimes, while out in the field doing army stuff, you begin to feel like a tough guy. Nothing puts that in perspective like walking into a spider web.

Fun fact, I learned this about Tom on our second date at the zoo. I have to say it made me like him more knowing that he wasn’t all tough guy all the time. Also, it was pretty hilarious watching him freak out about a spider web.

My Tough Guy

Talks With Tom #18

We had this conversation recently about the idea that we are actually going to be raising little people and teaching them how to be grown ups.


Can you imagine that we are going to teach our kids things?

 Our kids will think we are experts at everything. Things that are just normal to us.

They can’t even wipe their own butt, and I can. So everything I do is pretty amazing to them.

Kids can’t even dress themselves. And I can get naked in 3 seconds, kick my underwear in the air and catch it with my hands.

Me:  So you are going to show our kids how to kick-flip their underwear and catch it with their hands?

Tom:  Well yea.

I envision Tom being this kind of dad.


We are going to make some babies for the world.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words yesterday! The support for us has been truly touching!

Duh! Danae!