Talks with Tom #22

I feel like it has been awhile since I have shared Tom’s delightful conversations. So here are just a few nuggets for your Monday morning perusing.

Tom and I always are debating about traveling. We both go back and forth about vacations and trips home and our thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Tom-I hate traveling. There is only one trip I want to take.

Me-The island? (This is a place in the Missouri Ozarks that Tom used to go a lot as a kid.)

Tom-Well yea. And the trip is called the apocalypse. And we are never coming back.

Me-Tom, that is called moving.

Last week, a couple people actually noticed my little baby bump. Naturally, I came home really excited that I am not just arbitrarily not fitting in my pants. And this was my dear sweet husband’s response when I told him.

Tom-Pregnancy is the only time in a woman’s life that they are excited about being fat.

Thanks babe.

Tom was out in the field for most of last week for a pretty large brigade mission (I will be sharing about this next week.) He always comes home grimy and un-bathed from 3 days of wearing the same clothes in the wilderness. It’s like a big man camping trip.

Tom-Sometimes, while out in the field doing army stuff, you begin to feel like a tough guy. Nothing puts that in perspective like walking into a spider web.

Fun fact, I learned this about Tom on our second date at the zoo. I have to say it made me like him more knowing that he wasn’t all tough guy all the time. Also, it was pretty hilarious watching him freak out about a spider web.

My Tough Guy