In the House

We have now lived here for almost 3 months! While it doesn’t seem like it is that much, I feel like we have always lived here.

We still have a long way to go on our home improvements, but it definitely feels like our house now.


The house before we bought it.

Although we still have no pictures on the wall…maybe next month.

We have, however, done a lot of other things. Well Tom has done a lot, and I just keep him and George fed.

So here are some of the things we have gotten done.

We now have a place for a hose. Tom poured this concrete pad so we can put this thingamabob here for the longest hose ever made.

0926151512We now have a storage room. Y’all, I am so excited to have an actual place for storage. Tom built these shelves. We have two sets that hold 5 large storage bins across. Having real storage is life changing.

1002151943aWe are adding motion sensor lights on our fence. Our yard is huge, and it gets like scary dark out here at night. We want to be able to see the dogs out in the yard, so these are the easiest and most cost effective way to light our yard. They are solar powered, and they work really well. We have the front half done, and we are waiting for another sale before we light up the back half of the yard.

1003151036One of Tom’s must have projects was putting up these flag poles. He did all the digging, concrete, and raising.

0926151511aWe have cedar siding, which is nice, but it can easily and quickly turn gray. I also felt like our house didn’t look finished. You can be the judge from the picture at the top of the post. So we decided to stain it this reddish color. We have a different house! If we decide to make this our forever home and do an addition, we will put medal siding up and cover the brick with rock.Tom did this all by himself when I was out of town one weekend. I am super lucky to have such a handy hubby.

0926151510 0926151509And the part that we have just recently started is the craft room. My heart is swelling at all the possibilities here. Tom has just put up the frames. We are waiting until we find some really great deals on cabinetry before moving any further. But one wall is painted and done!

1002151942The house is definitely keeping us busy. Homeownership is no joke.

You can see our full project list as of now on the “Home To-Dos” tab at the top of the blog.

What is your favorite room in the house? How long does it take you to put pictures up?


So we are new homeowners.

IMG_9509 (1024x683)

While it is mostly been a good endeavor, there have been some struggles.

So Tom and I have come up with our pro/con list of new homeownership.

Pro-Awesome big windows that allow for natural lighting pretty much all day.

Con-Having to find curtains and real blinds for said windows. (read spend lots of money)

Pro-Big yard that allows the dogs to run A LOT; they basically have a dog park. And hopefully it will be a great space for George to play once he is not walking around like a drunk.

Con-Typically cities own dog parks and have crews to maintain that greenspace. It takes Tom pretty much a whole day to mow and weed eat. And this doesn’t even begin to factor in the future flower and vegetable/fruit beds we hope to have. Work.

IMG_9452 (1024x683)

Pro-An unfinished basement allows us to have a lot of potential to design a space exactly how we like.

Con-An unfinished basement is just that, an unfinished basement. It’s a soul sucking abyss of things that you still own and plans that haven’t happened yet.

IMG_9553 (1024x683)

Pro-We don’t have to ask permission to do ANYTHING. General maintenance can just be done.  And we can paint a room any color we want.

Con-We have to pay for general maintenance. We can’t just call someone and say come fix it.

Pro-We finally have space for any type of furniture we want. We can actually have nice grown up furniture especially since we know we wont be moving anytime soon. So the investments seems to go longer.

Con-Who can afford all this furniture? We have empty rooms right now. Also nice furniture takes time to deliver…Lawn chairs it is then.

IMG_9483 (1024x683)

Pro-Wood floors look great.

Con-Unless they are the slightest bit dirty (with dog hair), then they look awful. And don’t even get me started on the price of rugs that are apparently needed with wood floors. I might as well have carpet…

While it can be daunting to have a house with the work that goes into it, we actually have a lot of pros.

Tom finally has a shop. We have a dining room that is just a dining room and not part of another room. We have three bathrooms. I have a kitchen I can do pretty much anything in and not feel cramped. And hopefully someday very soon, I will have a craft room!

And this little man gets the space to explore, dream, and let his imagination run wild.

IMG_9540 (1024x683)

I may be in the minority saying that I actually like that we are paying a mortgage. Yea it stinks to be tied down for that time financially, however I now feel that I am investing in my own space instead of throwing away rent money. We also settled on a place that meant our mortgage payment was not much more than we were already paying for rent, so it hopefully wont be too much of a hit. Note:  if I had a choice of not paying anything for a house, I would take that offer like George takes pasta, immediately.

IMG_9431 (1024x683)

This was Tom’s response to buying a house. “What’s the next adult thing we have to do? Do we buy a van?”

This weekend we moved the last of our stuff to the new house. There are days were I am still in awe that we live here permanently. (Part of that could be because we have nothing on the walls yet and still many boxes to unpack and organize.) The longest we have lived somewhere is 3 years (outside of our childhood homes). Throughout our relationship we have moved collectively 11 times. Eleven times in eight years.

Well we are finally home. I can’t wait to see all the memories made. The meals shared. George’s first. Maybe another baby. Just the regular days.

It’s time to settle for real. Naturally, we are all excited.

IMG_9563 (1024x683)

Forewarning, this may turn into more of a DIY/home-makeover blog. We are compiling a long to-do list by room that I will be adding as a new page to the blog so you can follow along in our homemaking endeavors.

Don’t worry there will still be lots of George posts.