Autumn on My Mind

I am so excited to announce a new partnership for the blog! Our very first link up!

I have known Elizabeth for a little while now. We have a lot of things in common beyond both of us being married to Army men. Fun fact, our hubs were both at basic at the same time just different units. So we have been Army wives about the same time. We have gotten to know each other through our blogs, so when she offered a free sponsorship on her blog, I happily put my hand up to be selected. And who knew that we would start something so exciting? We brainstormed for a little bit before we came up with the idea of collaborating on a link up about fall and how amazing of a season it is.

Hey there Army Crafter readers! I’m Elizabeth and you can find me over at Army Ever After where I blog about life, love, and our Hawaiian adventures. I really enjoy reading Stephanie’s blog and have secretly “blog-stalked” her for months now so I am over-the-moon excited to team up with her on this linkup.  Stephanie and I created this linkup to jump start and record all of our fun fall memories and we’d love for you to join in!

So here we are introducing Autumn on My Mind!


We will be doing two link ups each week on Sundays and Thursdays. We have already set the schedule of topics for each day to hopefully help with busy schedules and also stir some excitement for what I believe to be the greatest season.  We hope that you join us on this new adventure for the next month! Check back on Thursday for our first link up on what you love about this season!

We don’t have many, hardly any, rules for this link up. We would love for you to come back for each post and link up your entries! We are both crazy about fall (the football, the leaves, the scarves, the food, etc), and are just excited about seeing more of this awesome season through your eyes. Hope to see you around this fall!

The line-up…

Thursday, September 12th: “What I Love About Fall”

  • Link up with us to describe what you are excited about this autumn. We want to hear what you love about the fall season. That could be everything pumpkin flavored, the scarves galore or how the leaves get crunchy. Tell us what you “fall” for!

Sunday, September 15th:  “A Fall Food Must”

  • Do you have a favorite food that you associate with fall? This is the time to highlight those yummy fall goodies!

Thursday, September 19th:  “An Autumn Creation”

  • With the changing colors and impending holidays, do you have some inspiration to make something? Link up here to release some creative juices and share some autumn inspiration and craftiness.

 Sunday, September 22:  “Autumn Activities Outside”

  • There are so many outside activities that are associated with this time of the year. We have hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple picking and so much more. What are activities that you are doing this year in your neck of the woods? Or what is your favorite fall outside funtivities?

Thursday, September 26th:  “Fall Fashion Trends”

  • Do you have go to styles that you wear only during fall months? Share your favorite styles and help inspire all of us to be more creative with our fall attire and what we have in our closets.

Sunday, September 29th:  “A Date With Autumn”

  • What would be the perfect date night you can only do in fall in your area? Are there go to places for couples?

Thursday, October 3rd:  “A Fall Food Must”

  • We love fall foods! Let’s expand our recipe books by sharing go to foods that we have at fall get-togethers tailgates!

Sunday, October 6th:  “Autumn Activities Outside”

  • With the ever changing scenery, it is hard not to want to spend time outside admiring nature. What are you up to outside? Do you have a fun fall activity to share?

Thursday, October 10th:  “An Autumn Creation”

  • What are you inspired to make this time of year? Are you getting gifts ready? Are holiday decorations coming out? Show us your autumn creations!

  Sunday, October 13th:  “Autumn on My Mind Collage”

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a link up to show in photos what you love about the season. We would love to see what fall looks like in your community! So take out that camera!

So there you have it. Autumn on My Mind will commence on Thursday! Hope to see you back for the first link-up!